4 High Tech Plumbing Renovations a Plumber Can Do for Your Home | Pinehurst, NC

4 High Tech Plumbing Renovations a Plumber Can Do for Your Home | Pinehurst, NC

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Your family spends most of its time in the kitchen and for decades, every bathroom and kitchen basically looked like a version of the last one and so on. With the exception of color and size, most bathrooms and kitchens look pretty much the same. Basic plumbing fixtures haven’t really changed since your grandparents’ time. They lack imagination and keep you from enjoying the custom features of higher grade fixtures.

Now, with the flood of exciting new plumbing upgrades, your plumber can make sure that your home plumbing has its own distinct look. Not only that, they can help you enjoy your own unique bathing experience with style. To get you started, here are a few high-tech upgrades your plumber can install in your home.

Improve the Health & Safety of Your Home & Family

There is a lot of public concern about the quality of the water supply. We all want our families to have the healthiest water possible. One way you can help make your home’s water safer and better tasting is by having your plumber install new products specifically designed with your health in mind.

One popular option is touch-free plumbing fixtures. You can choose from hands-free kitchen and bathroom faucets, along with touchless toilets that require only a simple wave of your hand to flush. The best part of hands-free operation is that it stops the spread of bacteria and germs that could cause illness.

You don’t have to buy bottled water to have great-tasting water. Your plumber can help you choose a new water filtration system that will provide an unlimited supply of clean, healthy water for a fraction of the cost of individual water bottles. No more lugging cases of water home from the store, either.

Hard water can cause problems for your skin, hair, and clothes. Your plumber can quickly set you up with a water softener system that will leave you looking and feeling better.

New plumbing sensor technology helps avoid injuries and damage from scalding water. The water temperature is constantly monitored, so it doesn’t reach a dangerous level. There are even sensors now that can prevent your home from flooding. When water on the floor is detected, it will shut off the water supply. This saves your home and possessions from incurring extensive damage.

Going Green Never Looked So Good

Now, more than ever, we realize the importance of conserving our planet’s precious resources. With new eco-friendly plumbing fixtures, your Pinehurst, NC professional can make sure you are doing your part to help.

If saving the planet isn’t enough to spark your interest, maybe the savings you will notice on your utility bill will catch your attention. There are plenty of new, more efficient options for your bathroom and kitchen.

An easy and inexpensive way to get started on a greener path is to switch to low-flow showerheads. By just making this one change, you can go from using around 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) to 1.5, 1.0, or even 0.5 gpm. Think about how long you shower each day. Now, imagine getting the same results with a showerhead that uses half the water or less. Plus, your water bill will be significantly lower.

Tankless water heaters are another smart investment. While they cost more than traditional water heaters, they also last a lot longer. Tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of over twenty years, which can be twice as long as the life of a classic model. They use less energy, since they only heat the water on demand. Tankless models also take up less room and experience fewer repair issues. What your family will notice, though, is the endless supply of hot water, no matter how many people showered first.

You won’t have to sacrifice style for function and savings, either. These new eco-friendly plumbing fixtures come in a full array of colors, sizes, styles, flow rates, and water pressures. Check with your plumber to make sure you know about the best options for a greener home and a lower utility charge.

Create a Relaxing Home Spa

Can’t get to the spa often enough? Make your bathroom into a home spa with a new hydrotherapy tub. Relax in your very own whirlpool as the warm water eases away the aches of the day. There are many upscale plumbing fixtures available, to turn your bathroom into your sanctuary from the outside world. A professional can help you decide which products would work best for your needs.

From the opulence of the classic clawfoot tub to the luxury of modern hydrotherapy home spas, your plumber can help you create your perfect retreat. The color options are seemingly endless, giving you the chance to finally do some serious decorating in your bathroom. The only thing limiting your home spa experience is your imagination.

New technology also offers convenience for your daily routine. You can even start your shower from your bed with your smartphone, so it will warm and wait for you.

Customize Your Entertainment

Who says you have to rush through your morning routine? Enjoy every single minute of your shower by having your plumber install high-tech electronics in your bathroom. Wirelessly stream live television shows or music right to your shower with a waterproof television or stereo.

If you want to make the most of your home spa, your plumber can install a sound system that is safe for your bathroom. You can program different sound experiences into the system, like a tropical rainforest, rain on a tin roof, or ocean waves, to add a realistic touch of nature to your relaxation therapy.

When it’s time for breakfast, your entertainment can go with you. A professional can install a television in your kitchen backsplash, so you can catch up on the latest news or watch your favorite show while cooking, eating, and cleaning up.

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