5 Must Have Modern Plumbing Upgrades For Home Remodeling

5 Must Have Modern Plumbing Upgrades For Home Remodeling

nc-plumbing-remodelingWhen you remodel the plumbing system in your home, you will have plenty of modern fixtures and features to choose from. Home remodeling is all about making the space right for you, so don’t hesitate to find some luxury features you’ll love.

From the flooring, walls, and ceiling, to all the different plumbing fixtures you can install new, you’ll find many amazing ways to transform your bathroom today. Take a look at some of these modern plumbing upgrades that are popular for bathroom remodeling.

High-Efficiency Water Saving Toilets

If you have a toilet older than ten years old and you plan to remodel the bathroom, there’s no better option than a water saving toilet. Did you know that a 3.5 gallon per flush toilet can add up to about 17.5 gallons of water use per person per day?

New water saving toilets not only work better than the old-style, they can save around 14,000 gallons of water per household per year. Pressure-assist toilets only use 1 gallon per flush, saving even more water than the new single-flush and dual-flush toilets on the market right now.


Even a basic bidet with no luxury features, bells, or whistles is better than none for bathroom remodeling. Electronic bidets, however, come packed full of features to make the incredibly simple idea of a bidet even more desirable. After all, adjustable water temperature and oscillating cleanse features are really nice to have.

If you’re willing to splurge on a few luxuries with bathroom remodeling, consider installing a bidet.

Rain Shower Heads

A rain shower head is a simple remodeling upgrade to consider and is one of the least expensive luxuries you can incorporate into your new bathroom design plan. They come in all different styles for mounting on the shower ceiling or walls and offer you different accessories to go with them.

Shower Waterfalls

For those who don’t particularly care for the feeling of rain coming down on their head, a waterfall shower is a great remodeling upgrade. Waterfall showers are mounted on the wall so they only reach your head when you choose. Check out the waterfall shower panels that can also give you a waterfall body massage!

Oval Spa Tubs With Room For Two

Listen, even a manly man would love spending time in a spa tub. If you plan to remodel and there’s room, why not have your plumber install an oval spa tub with room enough for two? Think of all the wonderful space you’ll have to stretch out your legs when you’re alone and there will be plenty of room to share the bubbles when you have company.