5 Telling Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | Albemarle, NC

5 Telling Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | Albemarle, NC

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Though the drains in your Albemarle, NC, home are a crucial part of keeping water going in and out of your home efficiently, they are hardly at the top of anyone’s priorities when it comes to checking if anything’s wrong with their property.

When the drains get dirty, it creates room for massive inconveniences, along with chances for more structural problems to arise within the pipes.

Luckily, there are ways to tell if too much dirt has gathered in your drains, prompting you to call a drain cleaning service with enough time to get everything back in order and restore the functionality of your plumbing.

Read on to learn five of the most telling signs, and how to spot them easily, as well as when to call a drain cleaning service to have it all sorted out.

1. Slow-moving Drains

You will notice slow-moving drains when you’re constantly running into problems with water draining out of your sink or toilet. If it takes minutes, when it should actually take seconds instead, for your sink to let water through after you’ve brushed your teeth, that’s a clear sign that you have a build-up of dirt and debris in your drains.

This is something you can also notice with the sink inside your kitchen after you’ve done the dishes.

At first sight of this sign, the most prudent move is always to call a drain cleaning service. While they’re at it, they can also check that the gathered material hasn’t contributed to any structural damage, helping you maintain a plumbing system that works exactly as it should.

One more reason for getting this issue resolved as soon as you can is the potential health hazard it carries. If your drains continue to move water slowly, you may get to a point where there’s standing water in your sink or shower. This attracts different kinds of insects. It’s best to avoid this problem altogether by addressing it and calling a drain cleaning service before things reach that extent.

2. Frequent Clogging

It’s not uncommon for clogs to occur from time to time, especially when you slip up and send something too big down the drain. When you are finding yourself grappling with this issue mere days apart, that’s a sign that you have unwelcome material hanging around in your drains.

If several different fixtures within your home are all clogging at once, you can be sure that there’s a severe problem that requires immediate professional attention.

The same can be said if one particular fixture is clogging up way more than it should. It’s usually a sign that within that part of your home, there’s something inside the drain that’s keeping water from cycling in and out efficiently. Contact drain cleaning service is the best way forward.

3. Water Back-ups

Another sign of a drain that’s in poor condition, likely because of dirt, is excess air in the whole draining system. The clearest sign of this problem is one plumbing fixture causing another within the home to act up. For example, you may find that immediately after you’ve flushed the toilet, there’s water bubbling up from your shower.

The reason why something of that nature may go on is simply that there’s too much air within the system as a whole, and as water enters the drain, it displaces that air, forcing it to move to different areas within your plumbing system.

Besides the annoyance, the major issue with something like this going on is that the longer it keeps happening, the more likely that your drain system may start to experience larger and worse issues. It may, for instance, become entirely clogged, leading to expensive and highly inconvenient problems like flooding.

Upon noticing this sign, waste no time in calling a drain cleaning service.

4. Odd Smells

Unpleasant smells from your drain are a sign that there’s something inside them that has begun to decompose. In more troubling cases, the matter inside may have provided a breeding ground for different insects. Although this is automatically an urgent issue because it may compromise your health, it’s even more crucial to get it taken care of immediately if the drain in question is located in the kitchen, since you prepare your food there.

Other places where you may experience a similar issue include the shower, your yard and outside drains.

In the kitchen, the cause will likely be that you’ve thrown leftovers into the sink, and the drain failed to carry them away. Trapped inside, they began to decompose.

Call a drain cleaning service at first whiff.

5. Puddles in Your Yard

This is one you’ll face as the problem becomes bigger. Noticing it at all means that you have a severe drain issue, and one that is likely the result of unnoticed dirt and debris piling up in your drain over a long time.

It;s essential to act on this sign quickly — by calling a drain cleaning service — because waiting too long will most likely ensure that you’ll be needing a drain repair service instead.

Under this sign, you’ll notice water gathering in tiny pools outside your home, with no easily discernible source. In most instances, it will be coming from underground.

Alternatively, the water may stay in numerous puddles after it has rained or after you’ve watered your lawn. While some of it is meant to seep into the ground, the rest that’s meant to be cleared out by the drains may struggle to enter them since they’ll be clogged by debris.

If you’re noticing puddles in your backyard, a drain cleaning service is certainly what you need to restore the look of your yard, get your drains working well again and remove a potential health hazard.

If any of these five signs sound like something you’ve been wrestling with in your Albemarle, NC, home, you know by now that you’re likely dealing with a drain issue. Contact us at Pride Plumbing and we’ll take care of it for you.