8 Things You’re Doing That Could Destroy Your Pipes | Tips from Your Rockingham, NC Plumber

8 Things You’re Doing That Could Destroy Your Pipes | Tips from Your Rockingham, NC Plumber

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Like any homeowner in the Rockingham, NC area, we love to try to fix the issues with our plumbing ourselves. However, more often than not, we end up making things worse. Here are some things you may be doing that could be ruining your pipes:

1.  Neglecting Maintenance

If you know you have problems with your drainage, take care of them as soon as you can. Putting off problems for now will make them worse later. A plumber will help you identify any issues in your plumbing before it’s too late.

It may seem like only a minor leaking problem for now, but sooner or later it could flood your house.

2.  Misusing Your Toilet

You may think that anything that goes into your toilet is gone forever, but it isn’t. Most chances are that a lot of things that shouldn’t be going into your toilet are lodged somewhere in your pipes. If there’s anything you aren’t sure of flushing away, throw it in the garbage instead.

A lot of things will say that they’re flushable when they’re not. The safest route to take is to throw them in the bin instead. Products like tampons and pads should never be thrown in the toilet. Your plumber will thank you later.

3.  Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

This is a major issue with most homeowners. Whenever they have a blockage in their pipes, they grab the drain cleaner. Although it definitely does the job, it causes problems we can’t see. After you use the drain cleaner, the chemicals stay inside your pipes and corrode them.

A better solution is to call a plumber from our teamand have them take a look. They will most likely be able to resolve the issue for good. Drain cleaners only appear to work, but they are not a permanent solution.

Drain cleaners can also be very dangerous if someone wants to thoroughly inspect your pipes. It can be hazardous for their health if it comes in contact with them. If you have galvanized pipes, the cleaner can permanently damage them.

Try cleaning the trap, which is the pipe under your sink, if you feel there is a blockage.

4.  Putting Hair in the Drain

This is a huge issue for homeowners everywhere. It’s hard to avoid having your hair fall into the sink when you wash your face. It’s even harder to stop them from going down the drain in your tub. However, getting hair in your drains can seriously clog your pipes and ruin the plumbing.

Thankfully, you can call a plumber from our team to help you before things get worse.

5.  Using a Plumbing Snake

More often than not, you’ll be turning to a plumbing snake to solve your problems. There are many things we use to unclog our drains, like plungers and drain augers as well. However, there are a few reasons we shouldn’t be using a plumbing snake.

You could accidentally damage your pipes even more. If you live in an older home, your pipes could be galvanized. These are especially easier to damage.

While trying to use the snake, you could also scratch the porcelain of your toilet bowl. It looks bad and could lead to rusting as well.  You could also get hurt while attempting to do this on your own. The pressure in the coil could cause it to recoil and hurt you.

Even if you somehow decide to use a plumbing snake, you could miss out on the problem altogether. A trained plumber will know how exactly to get to the main source of the problem.

6.  Trying to DIY

Even if you think you have the problem figured out, let a professional check it out for you. The plumberwill be able to inspect and resolve the issue much faster than you. They’ll also save you time. With the risk of a missed calculation when trying to DIY, you’ll also be saving money.

Sometimes we try to fix the issues that appear on a day to day basis by ourselves. However, this becomes increasingly difficult when we don’t know where the main water valve is or use the wrong pipes.

A big mistake that homeowners in often make is hammering a nail into the wall before checking the pipes. Call a plumber in the Rockingham, NC area Pride Plumbing to make sure you aren’t potentially breaking a pipe.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to plumbing. Let someone do it that has been trained for the job.

7.  Overusing Your Garbage Disposal

This isn’t even a real garbage disposal. You shouldn’t be putting any garbage you find into it. It’s mainly for food waste. That too, food that isn’t oily or greasy. Any oils and grease that go into your drains will clog it like a blocked artery.

One thing you should not be doing is putting the food down the drain before turning the disposal on. First, you should turn on the water, then the disposal and then put the remains of the food in gently.

You should also not be using hot water. It heats up the things you’re putting into the drain and meshes them together into one big blob that won’t dissolve. Make sure that the food you’re putting in is cut into small pieces before it gets put in the drain.

8.  Using Galvanized and Copper Pipes Together

Whenever you use galvanized and copper pipes in a way that the two are in contact, it can cause corrosion. Sometimes, when you’re trying to plumb your own house, you can make this mistake. This is where you should call a professional.

You have to first use another tool called the dielectric union if you want to connect these kinds of pipes. It stops them from directly touching and saves them from corrosion. If you let a plumber in the Rockingham, NC area, help you out, you can be free from the hassle of understanding the dielectric union.


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