A Plumber Who Is A Step Above the Rest: Pride Plumbing | Pinehurst, NC

A Plumber Who Is A Step Above the Rest: Pride Plumbing | Pinehurst, NC

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What if you wake up in the morning to discover that the shower does not work, or what if you need to use the toilet, but it isn’t flushing? What if it’s freezing cold outside and the heater is on the fritz? What if a pipe bursts and your home is flooded? Trust Pride Plumbing will be there when the worst happens.

There is nothing worse than broken plumbing. Not only does this put you in a foul mood, but it can impact your personal hygiene. Worst still, broken toilets and lack of sanitary plumbing are related to diseases like Cholera, Hepatitis A, and Polio. A burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage if not detected and fixed quickly.

Living in Pinehurst, NC provides citizens with a wealth of options when it comes to finding a plumber. It can also make choosing a plumber a considerable headache after conducting an internet search for ‘Plumber near me,’ or a ‘Local Plumber.’

How do you pick a plumber? Many can ask for crazy hourly rates during emergency conditions. Unlike many plumbers, our highly experienced plumbing technicians at Pride Plumbing will promptly deliver the vital services efficiently and with integrity!

We take great pride in our services. Our team knows that the best way to guarantee repeat business is to listen to our customers, and to be the most efficient professional during every service call, each time, every time.

About ‘Taking Pride’ in North Carolina

Pride Plumbing was started by the Sharpe family way back in 1965. Our original mission statement was and still is ‘to provide top-workmanship and dependable plumbing service every time a plumber of ours conducts a repair whether it be in your home or office.’

For over 50 years we have been privileged to offer high-quality plumbing repairs and installation services to our neighbors throughout Montgomery County, Stanly County, and Richmond Counties. We have recently extended our services to Moore Country to provide exceptional care to more rural communities.

From simple clogged drains to new sewer lines, we take every move of the wrench with care. Our family has established a legacy of extraordinary plumbing service, and we do everything we can to preserve that legacy into the future.

Pinehurst, NC is a close-knit community and every plumber who works for Pride Plumbing deeply cares for the health and well-being of the community.

Contributing a part of our profit and donating our time to worthwhile causes are connecting us to our community and to protect the future of North Carolina and the world.

Pride Plumbing happily supports ‘The Relay for Life’,’The Montgomery County Home-School Association, ‘The American Red Cross’, and we can’t forget our furry friends at ‘The Montgomery County Humane Society.’

We also offer special options for those who have served the nation. Pride Plumbing frequently offers discounted services through promotions and marketing campaigns.

Plumbing Services Offered

As a North Carolina homeowner, there are many plumbing tasks that you might not necessarily want to deal with. From regular maintenance to emergency water line repairs, our trustworthy professionals will help you with all your plumbing needs.

Pride Plumbing is eager to conduct every repair a professional can do whether it be mainline repairs or installing a new tub and faucet for a newly renovated bathroom en-suite.

  • Water Heaters: our team handles everything from installing modern hi-tech tankless water heaters to basic water heater maintenance and repair, we at Pride Plumbing are here to provide you with top-quality water heaters that are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.


  • Backflow Testing & Installation: ideally, the water flowing through the pipes in the home will always flow at a steady pressure, allowing for comfortable and therapeutic showers. However, if there are gaps in the water supply, or if the pressure fluctuates, then this can increase the probability of contamination resulting in a health hazard for you and your family. We can advise on backflow prevention devices which helps to moderate water pressure.


  • Drain Cleaning: what every homeowner fears is a blocked drain and unfortunately, it’s just not going away. You’ve turned to a harsh drain cleansing product and that has failed. Sadly, many drain blockages are caused by a problem that is out of reach. Our experienced plumbing technicians use the latest in drain blockage identification technology to pinpoint the location of your drain blockage quickly and accurately.


  • Gas Piping & Service: If your home uses natural gas, it is vital to watch for gas leaks. Natural gas does not have a noticeable odor, so natural gas companies add a sulfur-based smell to the gas to help facilitate leak detection. A natural gas leak can be a serious health and safety concern for you and your family. If something smells funny in your home, especially around any appliance that is running on natural gas, please exit the home and consult the gas company and a professional plumber immediately!


  • Plumbing Repair & Replacement: many plumbing problems are due to faulty components. Whether the issue is caused by rusted or worn-out pipes in an old home, damage caused by severe weather, or just a plain accident, we at Pride Plumbing have the necessary experience to cope with any plumbing problem you might be having.


  • Remodeling Specialists: we are a plumbing remodeling specialist, providing installation services for new showers, sinks, bathtubs, and more. We will ensure that they function as great as they look focusing on environmentally sustainable choices that streamline plumbing services.

We at Pride Plumbing are proud to say that we have the know-how to tackle any plumbing problem that you might be having in your own home. Our certified plumbing technicians have the skills, tools, and experience to provide quality plumbing repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services.

We take professionalism very seriously. When you see our logo, you know you are dealing with an expert who cares about your personal safety, the safety of your family, and the well-being and security of your home. The team at Pride Plumbing is proud to be part of the community throughout the great state of North Carolina!