Benefits Of A Plumber Performing Regular Septic Tank Pumping | Albemarle, NC

Benefits Of A Plumber Performing Regular Septic Tank Pumping | Albemarle, NC

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Approximately one-third of American homeowners have septic tank systems. There are various types of septic tanks present in Albemarle, NC’s homes, and beyond. They include evapotranspiration, recirculating sand filter, cluster or community-based systems, and chamber and mound septic units. By design, the septic system entails a convergence of all drains, including kitchen, bathroom, and toilet drains, with a single pipe that directs wastewater and other unwanted materials to the septic tank located outside.

Once in the tank, these materials begin to separate, forming a dense layer of particulate matter that settles on the tank’s floor called the sludge, and a floating layer of fats, oils, and proteins referred to as the scum. In the middle, there’s the comparatively clear liquid referred to as the effluent or gray water. Collectively, the entire contents of the tank are referred to as septage.

Expert plumbers warn homeowners against downplaying the importance of regularly cleaning out the septic tank. They also recommend homeowners to seek professional septic tank pumping services every three to five years. However, the pumping services regulation will depend on the household size, amount of wastewater generated, the volume of solids in the wastewater, and tank size. Below are some benefits of regular septic pump cleaning.

Environmental preservation

When the septic tank is full, nasty sewage water may begin overflowing, and the ripple effect is the contamination of water bodies, such as ponds and lakes around your home. This places the health of other homeowners who use water from these sources in daily household activities at risk and threatens the survival of wild animals and plants by promoting algal blooms.

Algal blooms refer to the excessive growth of algae in the water that may release dangerous toxins resulting from the plants’ physiological processes. Even though sewer water is not the leading cause of the phenomenon, it may help a great deal in increasing its prevalence.

Expert plumbers warn that you can also witness the adverse effects of the sewage water on the environment by looking out for yellow-colored patches on the grass near the location of your septic tank. This could be due to wet spots resulting from the excessive buildup of scum, which negatively affects the tank’s flow. By contacting a professional to clean the septic tank, you’ll be playing your part as a homeowner who genuinely cares for the environment.

It saves cash

The saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, is particularly true about septic tank pumping services. Professional plumbers near Albemarle, NC, offer septic tank cleaning services depending on the tank’s size. This price is a fraction of what you could pay for septic system repairs or replacement when it has broken down.

Since the cleaning service is recommended after two to three years, homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about the time, cost, and energy spent on the activity. Instead, they should embrace routine cleaning. It also ensures the other plumbing components are working correctly, eliminating the risk of spending too much money on a plumber for repairs or plumbing upgrades.

Septic tank pumping prevents drain backups

Backed up drains are common for any homeowner and often indicate that something could be wrong with the entire plumbing apparatus. When the backups are due to clogged drains or pipes, an emergency plumber may provide a prompt solution for the issue.

However, when the backup is due to sewage overflows, it could be a sign that it’s time to speak to your septic tank cleaning contractor. A full septic tank cannot accommodate any more wastewater, causing it to back up anything you flush down the drains. This situation can be incredibly messy when it occurs in the toilet. To avoid such inconveniences, you can call a plumber near you for a comprehensive septic tank cleaning service.

Increasing the tank’s efficiency

The septic system’s functionality is not so complicated as it only works towards keeping your home safe by removing the wastewater coming from your laundry machines, kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets. To achieve this, while still protecting the integrity of your home’s plumbing equipment, the tank needs regular pumping to remove solid particles that accumulate over time.

When left unchecked, this buildup may eventually result in devastating clogs within the drain pipes, which causes nasty sewer backups and significant plumbing damage. Regular septic tank cleaning services from a trusted plumber near you significantly improve how wastewater moves out of your home and into the tank, enabling you to enjoy a safe and clean environment without much hassle.

Septic tank pumping protects your family

The best way to know when your home has a septic tank issue is through strong and unpleasant odors from the sink and shower drains or the toilet. This smell may negatively affect your family’s comfort, not to mention the shame that comes with being regarded as an irresponsible homeowner.

That aside, filled up septic tanks may result in an overflow that allows solid waste materials to seep into the surrounding soil and water. This phenomenon could lead to contamination and the outbreak of diseases. This contamination may pose serious health risks for your neighbors, pets, and immediate family, making it crucial that you seek septic tank cleaning services regularly to protect your family, friends, and neighbors’ happiness and comfort.

You could increase your home’s value

Besides providing you with professional insight on how to treat your home’s septic system properly to avoid unprecedented wear and tear, a comprehensive septic tank pumping service could potentially increase the value of your home.

A first-time homeowner will naturally want to know how and when to clean his or her septic tank. If your home has a well-functioning septic tank, you could leverage this factor to slightly increase your property’s value.

Conversely, you may end up getting lower prices when it’s clear that your home has unresolved or re-occurring septic tank issues. Therefore, you should make good friends with a septic tank cleaning professional near you.

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