Benefits Of Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Pinehurst, NC

Benefits Of Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Pinehurst, NC

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Having your drains professionally cleaned may seem unnecessary to you. However, the life of your pipes and plumbing system depends upon this regular maintenance.

In Pinehurst, NC, Pride Plumbing provides a comprehensive array of plumbing services, including professional drain cleaning service. Our licensed, experienced, and insured plumbers can help you keep your plumbing system in good shape for a lot longer.

If you think hiring a professional service is just too expensive, think again. Having a plumber clean your drains on a regular schedule has many benefits that can actually save you money.

Cut Down on Blockages

Do you notice slow running drains in your home or suffer from frequent blockages in your pipes? These clogs form slowly from the interior surface of your pipes. They are made of the grease, hair, health and beauty products, and chemicals you wash down the drains. As they grow, your water flow is restricted more and more, until eventually you have a completely blocked pipe.

When you have a blockage, you may think that a hardware store chemical product will get rid of it. These harsh chemical clog removers cannot take care of the problem, and they can harm your pipes, as well. And a plumbing auger can get rid of a single obstruction, but it does nothing to stop the other clogs that are forming along your pipes.

But when you trust a professional drain cleaning service to clean your pipes, all your pipes are flushed clean. That means that any clogs that are forming along the walls of your pipes will be thwarted and your water will flow freely throughout your system.

Protects Your Home from Water Damage

When your plumbing gets obstructed, the water cannot flow through your pipes as it should. Instead, it will flood back into your home, creating trouble for your home.

As the water comes back up the plumbing, it brings with it all the bacteria and germs that live in your drain system. So, when the water comes back, it is smelly and dirty. And that is what will soon cover your floors.

The longer the water stands on your floors, the more damage it does to your flooring materials and your wooden subfloor. This damage can add up to huge repair costs, especially if the water seeps into the subfloor. The cost of carpeting and hardwood alone can sink anyone’s budget.

And it’s not just your floors that are at risk. As the water rises, the walls will start to soak in the foul mess. This can erode your plaster or drywall and destroy any paneling or wallpaper you have.

The water damage doesn’t end there. Anything you have on the floor or on a floor underneath the flooding runs the risk of being destroyed. Before you risk losing your cherished heirlooms and expensive furniture, consider having a drain cleaning service flush out your drains.

Get Rid of Foul Odors

Have you ever walked in your kitchen and smelled a nasty stench coming from your drains? That is caused by the building up of debris in your drains. Even if you aren’t experiencing a drain clog yet, these materials are gathering in your pipes, holding all the germs and bacteria in your plumbing. The longer it stays in your pipes, the bigger and nastier it gets.

To get rid of these odors, you will have to have your plumbing completely cleared out by a drain cleaning service in Pinehurst, NC. Only through powerful hydro jetting can you ensure your pipes are clear of the smelly clogs that creates the odor.

Reduce Plumbing Repairs

When you have a drain cleaning service clean out your drains, you get a lot more than just clear drains. You can also cut down on the number of plumbing repairs your system experiences.

As waste products build up inside your pipes, they form clogs. These clogs not only restrict the flow of water, they can damage your pipes. The pressure created as the clog grows bigger can cause problems at the connections. This can cause leaking, which brings its own damage to your home. If the clog is located inside a single pipe, the pressure can cause it to burst.

With regular attention from a drain cleaning service, you can cut down on the number of plumbing repairs you have to deal with at your home. When you are deciding whether a drain cleaning service is worth the cost, consider how much a single plumbing repair can run.

Make Your Home Healthier

As the bacteria builds in your drains to break down the organic matter, it creates a horrible odor. If you have slow drains, mold and bacteria will continue to build, unable to be flushed through the drainage system. As they grow, the smell grows inside your home, too. But that’s not all they are bringing into your house.

Mold and bacteria are responsible for many health issues. Exposure to them on a constant basis can cause numerous illnesses for you and your family, and the longer they stay in your pipes, the worse the conditions can get.

When you have a professional drain cleaning service schedule routine maintenance, these harmful things won’t have the chance to take control of your plumbing system. Your plumber can make sure that you and your loved ones are living in the healthiest environment possible with regular drain cleaning.

Extends the Life of Your Plumbing System

It is important to protect the life of your pipes, so you can avoid expensive replacement work. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in professional drain cleaning.

As corrosive materials build up on the inside of your pipes, it can do more than cause a blockage. It can corrode the material your pipes are made of, causing leaks that will have to be fixed.

Drain cleaning removes these corrosive products, allowing your pipes to resist damage. This can keep your plumbing system in great shape for a lot longer.

Contact us today at Pride Plumbing for more information about how our professional drain cleaning service can help you.