Call a Plumber to Check Your House | Albemarle, NC

Call a Plumber to Check Your House | Albemarle, NC

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With the warmer weather slowly settling in, it is an ideal time around the year to start carrying out the house maintenance. It is typical for households in Albemarle, NC, to use more water during the hot season instead of the winter. Pools, gardening, water cooling systems are just some of the luxuries that can be used during the summer to turn your home into a small oasis. On top of the recreational activities that you may have planned for the summer, the vacation season is also closing in. But before you set off for a tropical and warm destination, you should consider the condition of your house’s plumbing network.

When was the last time you had a plumber over for a regular check? Hiring a qualified person to inspect the condition of the in-house and external plumbing is always better, and dryer, than attempting to inspect that part yourself. Drain pipes, water pumps, washing machines and fresh water facilities are some of the critical parts that the plumbing network is made of, and the correct function of all those can only be determined by an experienced and qualified individual.

Apart from how to stop the house from transforming into an olympic-size pool, in this post you will find out what are the benefits of frequent maintenance as well as the distinctive signs that your house is in need of a plumber.

Drain Pipes & Waste Tanks

Every facility or device in the household uses fresh water, it is also connected to the drainage system. The drain pipes play a much important role to the proper function of the plumbing system. With the passage of time, and the daily use of the facilities, the drain pipes become blocked with foreign objects that stop the normal flow of the wastewater and restrict it from being properly disposed of. Hair, soil, food particles, and sanitary products are just some of the objects that a plumber discovers during a common inspection.

Some properties in Albemarle, NC, are equipped with bronze or copper drain pipes instead of the more modern PVC ones. As a result, the use of drain cleaning chemicals may corrode and cause damage to the drain pipe. By having an experienced professional to clean the drainage, you can put your mind to rest thinking that the pipes are thoroughly cleaned and a proper inspection on the condition of the pipes is carried out.

If your house is equipped with a septic tank, it is essential to call a plumber to keep the drain pipes clean of foreign objects. Waste disposal tanks come with a set of benefits ranging from favourable utility bills to being independent from the local sewage network. However, proper maintenance and drain cleaning service is required in order to get the most value out of this choice.

A septic tank is usually hidden below the ground and outside the property. If you are not entirely sure about the location of the tank, simply have a look outside and try to find a sealed hatch. The hatch is the maintenance entrance that will be used by the plumber to access the tank and perform an inspection and maybe a draining if deemed necessary.

It is essential to keep the hatch closed and only allow access to a qualified professional, as the tank contains all the waste disposal that is accumulated from your property and may pose a risk to someone who is not properly equipped to deal with this.

If the septic tank is filled to its capacity or simply a pipe clog prevents the water from reaching the tank. You will notice a distinctive septic odour emanating from the sink, the bathroom or even the garden. Apart from being uncomfortable and disrupting your routine, septic odours may pose a health hazard to those who are exposed for a long time. Save yourself from the trouble of having to deal with unpleasant odours and water puddles and call for a qualified plumber to inspect the drain system of your property.

Limescale in Water Pipes

Although it might look innocent, long-developed limescale can cause significant damage to the plumbing system of your property. It is usually found in the junction of two or more pipes, flow-valves, and the shower. Limescale formations are easily identifiable by their distinctive white colour and they shape like crystals, this phenomenon is natural and varies according to the salt and other elements that are contained in the freshwater.

Limescale is likely to corrode the metallic parts of the plumbing system which can lead to a water leak or even a damage in the washing machine. An experienced plumber will help you combat the limescale off your property’s plumbing by thoroughly inspecting the network and if necessary, by installing a limescale filter in sensitive devices such as the washing machine or even the sink.

The everyday use of the fresh water facilities is putting a strain on the condition of the pipes, hoses, valves and pumps installed around your house. If the plumbing system is not frequently inspected, especially before you set off for some much-deserved holidays, it may lead to flooding or jaw-dropping utility bills. Calling a plumber for a regular inspection is also cost-efficient compared with the cost of an emergency repair call.

With Plumbing, Time Is of the Essence

If you can’t remember when was the last time that a technician dropped by your house, don’t wait any longer. Water is an essential commodity for every household and a sudden water-outage may disrupt your day significantly. Put your mind at rest by having a professional to carry out all the necessary checks before you set off for the next summer adventure. Whether you are in need of a qualified plumbing expert or simply have a question about your maintenance, get in touch with a plumber who can help. Pride Plumbing has been standing by local homeowners since 1965 offering all kinds of plumbing services required to safeguard your property.