Causes Of Low Water Pressure And When To Call A Plumber | Albemarle, NC

Causes Of Low Water Pressure And When To Call A Plumber | Albemarle, NC

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There aren’t many things worse than preparing for a relaxing shower or trying to wash your clothes, only to find that your water pressure is nowhere near what it should be. Obviously, when something like this occurs at your home, your first response should be to call a qualified plumber for repairs.

However, every homeowner would much prefer to never let their plumbing situation get to this point, and the best way to prevent low water pressure is to know what causes it in the first place. Here are a few of the reasons you might not have the water pressure you should!

Water Supply Problems

Before calling a plumber, it’s important to make sure that the problem is actually with your own plumbing system. If you don’t have a private well, there’s a chance that your low water pressure might be an issue with the water supply itself. That’s why your first call should be to your water supply company when you have low water pressure, because the problem might be with them and not your system.

If there isn’t any issue with your pipes, there won’t be much of anything that a professional can do to help. Before calling for help, make sure that you actually do need it.

The Shutoff Valve Isn’t Open

If you’ve had any previous plumbing issues, you might have previously turned off the emergency water shut-off valve in order to prevent water damage to your home. That’s a good thing to do while you’re waiting for a plumber to come to your house, but if you didn’t completely open it back up, you could have some serious trouble getting the most out of your pipes when you need it.

However, if this is the issue, it’s wise to go ahead and call for plumbing help anyway. You can have a professional turn the valve on properly when they arrive, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the problem is fixed.

Your Pipes Are Clogged

It’s remarkably easy to clog your pipes if you put something down the drain that shouldn’t go down, and if you do create a blockage, you can easily cause your water pressure to drop. When water in your pipes runs into a blockage, your normally steady stream of water can turn into a trickle, which can make it difficult to perform even the most basic tasks at home.

If you do have a clogged pipe, or you even suspect that you have a clogged pipe, you need to make sure to call for a plumber right away. A clogged pipe can lead to a burst pipe if it’s left untreated, and this isn’t something that you want to try to fix on your own. Unless you’ve had specific plumbing training, you aren’t going to have the required knowledge to successfully take apart pipes and make them fit back together.

That means your home plumbing job won’t be up to code, and when the time comes to sell your Albemarle, NC home, your plumbing repair can cause buyers to either refuse to deal for your house or offer far less than it’s worth. It’s best to trust this job to a professional and make sure that it’s done correctly.

Your Pipes Have Corroded

Blocked pipes aren’t the only pipe-based reason that you might be running into problems with your water pressure. If your pipes have worn down to the point where holes are starting to develop, not all of the water that flows through your pipes is going to make it to the intended place. You’ll still be able to get some water pressure in your home, but you won’t get anywhere near enough to get things done as easily as usual.

In this case, water pressure might be the symptom, but the real problem here is corroded pipes. If you don’t have a plumber take care of the pipes as soon as possible, you risk further damage to your pipes and water damage throughout your property.

Remember, your pipes run under your yard and your house, and if your pipes aren’t up to snuff, you’re going to run into some serious problems with your plumbing. Steel pipes are only meant to last for about 20 years, so if you’ve owned the house for a while, it’s a good idea to have a plumber check your pipes for any problems.

Your Pipes Are Leaking

Corrosion is bad, but leaky pipes are even worse. When your pipes are already leaking, you’ve got to get an emergency plumber out to your home at the earliest opportunity. Even a leak of one drop every two seconds means 20 gallons of wasted water, so if you’ve got a leak in your pipes, you’re going to risk some serious water damage and a very high water bill.

If you leave leaky pipes unattended for long enough, low water pressure is going to be the least of your concerns. Instead, you’re going to find your basement and your foundation submerged by water pooling in from the hole in your pipes. As soon as you notice anything that’s the least bit unusual, you need to make sure to call a plumber. Every second matters when it comes to your pipes, and if you allow a problem to fester, it can easily get to the point where even the best plumbing team in North Carolina can’t solve the damage.

At Pride Plumbing, we’ve got the knowledge that our clients need to prevent plumbing-related damage and repair any issues that might arise with your pipes. Whether it’s a simple diagnosis of low water pressure or an emergency issue like a blocked pipe, we’ve got a plumber ready and waiting to help get things solved at your Albemarle, NC home. Contact us today to get assistance with all of your plumbing needs!