Common Water Heater Repair Problems and How to Fix Them | Pinehurst, NC

Common Water Heater Repair Problems and How to Fix Them | Pinehurst, NC

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Most homeowners don’t bother to check on their water heaters as long as they deliver hot water on demand. Like any other system running in your home, the water heater can malfunction and must be repaired as soon as possible to continue serving you right. You can handle simple water heater repairs by yourself, but complex ones should be left in the hands of an expert plumber.

When your electric or gas water heater develops a problem, you do not have to feel helpless. Here are the most common water heater problems and how to fix them.

Heating Water More Than Required

Your shower water heater can produce water that is too hot for you to take a bath comfortably. To detect that the excessively hot water is resulting from a problem in your heater, first turn down the thermostat to lower the water temperature. If you see steam coming out of your faucet or hear boiling sounds, then your heater is faulty. Contact your plumber for repairs as soon as possible.

Water Heater Leaking From the Bottom

A leaking water heater can be as a result of either a damaged electric heating element gasket, or normal condensation. It is also caused by tank failure, which can only be repaired by replacing your water heater.

Before you decide to replace the entire water heater, take some time to inspect it and know the source of the leaks. With the right plumbing kit, you can repair these leaks by yourself, which is more economical compared to making an entire replacement.

Water Heater Leaking From the Top

It is easier to repair a water heater that is leaking from the top, unlike the one leaking from the bottom. Failure to seek water heater repair services from expert plumbers in Pinehurst, NC, as soon as they occur, can lead to more severe problems like electrical shorts and damage on drywalls and carpeting.

Water leaks from the top are caused by a leaking inlet valve, loose cold inlet and hot outlet pipes, and a malfunctioned T&P valve. You can quickly repair these problems, but you must contact your water heater repair expert in case of other complications.

Water That Is Smelly and Discolored

This is another common problem for many homeowners. Water discoloration is caused by high levels of minerals like copper, calcium, magnesium, and iron in the water. These minerals cause the water pipes to rust, thus discoloring the water flowing in them. Water with these minerals can cause damage to your plumbing system. To prevent this from happening to your appliances, you should install a water softener system in your house.

Your hot water tank can produce water that smells like sewage or rotten eggs. Such strong water odors can be as a result of bacteria that have grown inside your water tank for a long period. If you flush your water tank and the problem continues, there could be corrosion on the anode rod, which should be replaced. When you detect garlic smell, you should relight your pilot light.

If the odor is strong, it could be a leak in the gas line. Gas line leaks are dangerous, and you must first vacate your house before contacting your gas utility company and a reliable plumber.

There Is Not Enough Hot Water

As your water heater ages, it produces less hot water. Other reasons can result in an abrupt substantial loss of hot water. This can include a faulty thermostat or a leak around the unit that needs to be repaired. If either of the two is not the cause of less hot water, try to flush and clean your tank to remove any mineral deposits. If none of the tips seems to work, you must call a professional plumber for water heater repair.

No Hot Water

If there is no hot water, there can be several reasons for that, depending on whether you use an electric or a gas water heater. When the gas valve is open, there is no hot water. If this is not the problem, check for issues with your burner or the pilot.

If you use an electric water heater, ensure that your unit has power, there are no blown fuses, and your circuit breaker has not tripped. If all the above tips do not work out, immediately contact your technician for water heater repair.

The Heater Produces Rumbling and Popping Sounds

Water flowing into many homes in Pinehurst, NC, is hard water containing calcium and magnesium minerals. These minerals are deposited in your tank, causing its bottom surface to overheat instead of heating the water. You can handle this problem by flushing out these mineral deposits regularly. However, if other severe damages have resulted from the sediments, contact a technician for your water heater repair.

Hot Water Comes out With Low Pressure

The pressure of hot water is determined by the diameter of the galvanized pipes that enter and leave your water heater. The pressure of hot water is increased when the width of your piping system is large. Mineral deposits in the inner layer of your pipes reduce the diameter of your pipes, thus contributing to the low water pressure. If your piping system is half an inch, contact an expert in water heater repair to replace it with a three-quarter inch one.

A Burner That Goes Out at Times

A burner that does not stay lit or produces whistling sounds, or provides an unusually high or low flame, has orifices that are dirty and clogged. You can solve this problem by replacing the clogged burner, where you first turn off both gas and water to avoid further damage. If you are in doubt about how to go about it, call a professional in water heater repair for help.

Deal With Professionals!

Hot water is a necessity for many homes, and its absence can irk your family members. Hot water problems have different causes, but with the above tips, you can solve some. Where professional water heater repair is required, do not hesitate to contact the pros at the Pride Plumbing company.