Do You Have An Emergency Plumber? | Pinehurst, NC

Do You Have An Emergency Plumber? | Pinehurst, NC

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Knowing when to contact an emergency plumber can help save you money on property damages. Preventing the need for an emergency plumbing technician by having a preventive maintenance plan helps you save even more. Your entire plumbing system can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years depending on a variety of different factors. Factors that affect the longevity of your system are the materials it is made from and how often you care for it. To get the most out of your system contact Pride Plumbing to ensure your plumbing systems are running properly.

Preventing a malfunctioning plumbing system is no easy task to do alone. Plumbing malfunctions are actually quite common due to the constant and everyday use of your plumbing. The constant wear and tear on your plumbing is bound to cause an issue at some point. Preventive maintenance plumbing will help prevent or lessen the frequency of need for an emergency plumber. However, if you do need one you should contact one immediately, waiting will only exacerbate the issue and possibly cause your problems to multiply.

Reasons to Contact an Emergency Plumber

One of the more serious issues that may occur and leave you to need of an emergency plumber is a malfunctioning water heater. Hot water is a necessity and problems with a water heater may implicate a bigger problem. If you notice your hot water is not working you should contact a plumber from Pride Plumbing. Water heating issues can be costly and possibly life threatening not handled properly. A water heater is considered a plumbing emergency and should be handled as such.

Most water heaters malfunction due to a lack of maintenance and repair. This is where preventive maintenance would have come in handy. Hiring a preventive maintenance company would help prevent the need for an emergency plumber due to water heater issues. Pride Plumbing in Pinehurst, NC can provide both services for you.

Neglecting to care for your water heater can result in major malfunctions. Common water heater hiccups include clicking sounds and rumbling sounds emanating from your heater. This is usually caused by sediment build-up inside of your water tank. Other issues include leaks in or around the tank, boiling water inside the tank, as well as rust-colored water. Rusty water may indicate an eroding tank. In this case, it may be better to replace the entire tan in order to avoid contaminating your drinking and bathing water.

Serious issues may occur with natural gas water heaters. If your natural gas water heater springs a leak you should turn the heater off immediately and contact an emergency plumber. You may be able to notice the gas by the smell of rotten eggs in the air. Natural gas is colorless and odorless. The rotten egg smell comes from a harmless chemical added for safety purposes. The gas is said to smell like rotten eggs or hydrogen sulfide. If you smell anything like that you need to shut it off immediately and contact an emergency plumber at Pinehurst NC.

To ensure you protect yourself and other residents in the household, you need to do a few things if you notice your water heater isn’t working properly.

You should first ensure the water is turned off in cases of leaking gas or water. Boiling water inside the heater should also prompt you to turn the water heater off. If you are unable to find the valve to turn off the water heater you may be able to turn off the water to the entire house. In cases of a gas leak turning the water off won’t help. You will need to cut off its power supply by shutting off the power by way of the breaker, usually located in the basement, first floor, or attics of the home. After you have ensured everything has been turned off, it is time to contact an emergency plumber at Pride Plumbing for assistance. If you are unable to turn the devices off, you should simply skip to the part where you contact an emergency plumber.

Possible causes of a malfunctioning water heater.

Many things can cause a water heater to break or stop working properly.

The Pressure Is Too Great

Too much pressure in a water tank can cause your water heater to spring a leak. This happens when the water temperature is set to high. The water heater may not be able to handle such high temperatures. Other reasons for too much pressure could be due a high influx of water from the water supply system. By hiring a preventive maintenance plumber, you can prevent disasters from occurring. A leak may never spring your systems are operating optimally and a Pride Plumbing technician will ensure that they are. If a leak does occur then you can also contact them for all your plumbing service needs.

A Cracked Storage Tank

Water heaters are actually quite delicate. The inside of water tanks is usually lined with glass. The glass from the water tanks can easily break, even though the thing it holds is water. The sediment builds up that sometimes occurs in a water tank can do more than just turn your water brown. The sediment builds up can also crack the gas lining in the tank and cause a tank leak. The glass is also prone to cracking due to the constant heating, making it expand and contract. This weakens the glass and leads to leaks in the tank. This can all be addressed by hiring a professional plumber to discuss the solution.

A leaking water heater tank usually has to be replaced. This is a serious problem that requires prompt and professional-grade service. Other causes that lead to a water heater malfunction is loose valves, draining issues, and sometimes the age of the water heater itself. Your water heater could just be at the end of its cycle and is in dire need of being replaced.

If you are having a plumbing emergency or simply need a plumber to perform preventive maintenance on your home contact Pride Plumbing in Pinehurst, NC, for all of your plumbing needs.