Drain Cleaning Service: Putting Greens, Shady Trees, And Southern Charm | Pinehurst, NC

Drain Cleaning Service: Putting Greens, Shady Trees, And Southern Charm | Pinehurst, NC

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For many centuries, healers all over the world believed in the healing properties of pine-scented, mountain air. Now, it just sounds like a housekeeping advertisement but Pinehurst did begin as a therapeutic destination.

James Walker Tufts created a town where every person (no matter the size of their bank account) would be welcome to enjoy the wellness benefits of living among the natural beauty of the charming village.

The Carolina Hotel

Tufts began his vision by buying 600 acres with a little more than $500 for the entire town. Walker Tufts commissioned the construction of the Carolina Hotel with a few department stores and a livery stable.

Holly Inn and 25 cottages ranged from luxurious hotel suites to basic rooming houses where locals invited every type of traveler.

Today, Pinehurst, NC still welcomes weary travelers to have a cold, frosty mug of beer or soda, unwind and take to the putting greens, or explore the unique shopping available in the timeless village surrounding by the grandeur and charm of historic southern mansions and the natural brilliance of these ancient mountains.

The quirky town attracts visitors from all over the nation, but what happens when a guest room’s en-suite shower isn’t draining adequately? Charming villages don’t just happen they take a lot of elbow grease and hard work.

A Drain Cleaning Service to Trust

Clean water and sanitation are easy to take for granted when waste is flushed away with a flick of the wrist but ignoring plumbing red flags or delaying routine care can cause more expensive damage and hike up the repair cost.

A clogged sink is just an inconvenience, it is unhealthy. Without access to clean water, a home quickly becomes an unsanitary place to be. Don’t let the dishes pile up while you wait for an ordinary plumber to leisurely answer your plea.

Pride Plumbing offers emergency services at affordable rates. We don’t believe in bankrupting our customers because they’ve encountered bad luck. The service is often discounted through frequent specials and other promotions.

A Sharpe Family Tradition of Exceptional Workmanship

Pride Plumbing began offering it’s drain cleaning service way back when the doors opened in 1965. Our mission remains to provide the best plumbing work in the nation while remaining a true service to the community and throughout the region.

Pride Plumbing has been a trusted leader in the plumbing industry throughout Montgomery County for more than half a century. Recently, we have extended our service area to include Richmond and Stanly Counties.

Red Flags Which Mean-Now-Is-The-Time for a Drain Cleaning Service!

  • Sink overflow is usually the result of obstructed pipes that require a professional drain cleaning service. Be clever about which harsh DIY drain-cleansers you dump down the pipes because they can corrode the infrastructure of your plumbing causing extensive damage to your plumbing and further inconveniencing yourself.


  • Water collecting for no clear reason. Many houses have their waste-water tank buried outside in the backyard or directly under the house. A blocked pipe causes the water to rise to the surface saturating grass, stone, wood, and other costly materials like flooring and wall-to-wall carpeting.


  • Dirty storm (both commercial and residential) drains connected to the sewer line can cause plumbing problems when it storms. Pests, yard debris, and mud empty into the sewer line obstructing the flow of waste-water away from the house. Rely on a drain cleaning service that efficiently repairs the damage done.


  • Nasty odors are a smelly, red flag that the pipes are struggling to function properly and that a blockage may connect back to the city’s sewer line.


  • Sewer lines are an important part of plumbing because they transport waste-water away from the home. Waste-water smells invade when a pipe has burst into the sewer line.


  • Whiffy waste tanks are another red flag that the home needs a drain cleaning service. Remember to check if the waste-water tank is electronically controlled, if so access the maintenance panel to and regularly check for displayed overflow warnings.


  • Low water pressure is another warning sign the pipes are a drain cleaning service because the weak water pressure is often due to deviated water being drained by a leak or burst pipe.

Drops in water pressure, nasty (from the fiery bog) smells, and any other plumbing issues should be followed up with a visit from a drain cleaning service from Pride Plumbing. We offer a range of services to suit any plumbing or drain cleaning service need with online promotions and special pricing for veterans.

Customer Testimonials

“My family and I have run a shop in Pinehurst Village for almost 50 years. The house where the shop is located is full of historic charm with ornamental fireplaces, mahogany banisters, and carved moldings in the ceiling and surrounding the chandeliers but the plumbing is terrible.

Once a year like clockwork we will turn on the faucet only to hear the pipes grumble a complaint before slowly moving the water to the tap. My Dad was a real handyman and could keep the plumbing moving with five minutes of work but I can barely unclog a toilet. My Dad passed away last year. I hired Pride Plumbing to overhaul the plumbing system. I can’t bear to listen to the groan of the pipes without missing him rushing to fix it.”

Thank you Pride Plumbing for making it easier on us during a terrible time!!!”

Jacob Wilson, June 2020, Seven Lakes, NC

“The Village is an important place in the history of North Carolina. The history and lore surrounding these mountains go back a lot farther than when Europeans began settling the area.

Some folks believe it is the spirit of the pine air that rejuvenates folks and restores them. I believe a hot shower with excellent water pressure is good for my soul! It certainly helps my bear-ish mood first thing at 6 a.m.!

Yesterday, I woke up did my early morning ritual, and when I was done with my workout and ready to shower the water dribbled from the nozzle. I called Pride Plumbing and grumbled something rude about wait times to the patient voice on the other side of the phone and they confirmed a plumber would be at my house within a few hours or sooner if that was convenient.

I was skeptical that they would live up to their promise but a little over an hour later, the plumber was shaking my hand asking me to show him where the bathroom was!”

Luckily, it was just a shower-head build-up problem that was easily resolved with a little T.L.C. from him! Thanks, Pride Plumbing! I’ll be calling you first every time now!”

Tom Stand, January 2020, Whispering Pines, NC


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