Drain Cleaning Service: What You Need To Know About Your Drains | Albemarle, NC

Drain Cleaning Service: What You Need To Know About Your Drains | Albemarle, NC

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If you are like most people, you don’t think much about your drains until there is a problem. You can help extend the life of your drain pipes, however, by learning a little about what they need to thrive.

Drainage problems never happen at a convenient time. That’s because our families rely on a working drain system throughout the house, all day long. Whether you are taking a shower, flushing the toilet, or cleaning the sink, you want your drains to flow freely. When they don’t, you might have to deal with a costly plumbing repair.

When you have a drain clog, it does more than just spoil your day. It can damage your pipes. The drain stops the water from flowing through as it should, causing the pressure to build in the pipes. This can lead to serious problems that will last after the clog is gone.

Avoid problems by treating your drain system to a little regular maintenance and you can keep it in great shape for a long time.

Your Drains Need Regular Drain Cleaning Service

Waiting until you have a drain problem can shorten the lifespan of your pipes. A drain issue can start slowly and build over time into a total obstruction. It helps to understand how many of these problems begin.

Your drain pipes have to deal with a lot of trash every single day. As they flow through the pipes, sometimes certain products get stuck to the sides. This residue of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, grease, fat, and oil starts to build up as time passes. Trash like hair, food particles, and paper gets caught in this muck on the way down your drain, causing your drains to get blocked. Eventually, the clog can become so dense that it won’t even let water pass.

When you start to notice you have a slow drain, your pipes are slowly building up a clog. Instead of waiting until your drain is blocked, you should contact your Albemarle, NC drain cleaning service for help. With their professional techniques and equipment, they can keep the clog from happening. You won’t have to shut your water down to have it fixed, and your drains will be thoroughly cleaned. Any other problems that were starting will be stopped in their tracks.

How often you should have your drains professionally cleaned depends partially on how large your household is and what your drain system has to deal with from you. In general, you should have your drains cleaned every few years. But if your drains have to deal with a high amount of health and beauty aids, excessive food waste, grease, trash, and hair, they may have a tendency to clog faster. Your professional can make sure your home is scheduled for drain service often enough to keep it clean and flowing.

Chemical Drain Cleaners from the Store Don’t Work

Don’t fool yourself. Those hardware store drain cleaning products are not worth buying. They do nothing to actually clean your drain system. In fact, they can cause damage to it instead.

These harsh chemical remedies can only hope to give you a temporary bandage on a much bigger problem. They give you the impression that they are helping at first, only to fail miserably at solving the problem. The clog isn’t really going away, the chemicals are only working against a symptom of the issue.

You may be damaging the interior of your pipes with these caustic materials. You could even end up paying a hefty repair fee due to the trouble the chemicals caused. And, you still haven’t dealt with the original clog.

Nothing you can buy at the discount or grocery store has the power to clean your drain system. Only a professional drain cleaning service has the tools and skills needed to clean the inside of your drains quickly, efficiently, and safely.

You Can’t Really Clean Your Pipes

Harsh chemical compounds don’t clean your pipes. What about drain snakes? They are designed to remove a clog by physically forcing it out of the drain and you can find them in home improvement stores. Won’t they do the job?

Truthfully, any plumbing equipment that is readily available to the public is not going to have the power to work on all clogs. Sure, they are based on professional plumbing augers, but they lack the strength to do what the pros can do. And you can really do some damage to your pipes if you haven’t had any training in plumbing repair. In the wrong hands, a drain snake can damage your pipes significantly, racking up a pricey repair bill.

There is no product available for household use that can clean out the inside of your pipes. However, a professional Albemarle, NC drain cleaning service can make sure the inside of your pipes is totally cleared of trash and residue.

Only a Professional Drain Cleaning Service Will Do

Having a professional drain cleaning service regularly maintain your pipes is the only way to clean them. You can inspect your pipes and make sure they are thoroughly cleared and cleaned. This will lower your risk of getting drain clogs and also keep your drain system running smoothly for a longer time.

Professional drain cleaning services have a variety of methods for cleaning your drains. If there is a major clog, they may choose to use an auger to force the blockage on down the drain. Hydro Jetting uses water under high pressure to flush out your entire drainage system completely. This removes not only the problems you knew about, it also gets rid of the residue that builds up at different points.

You should talk to your local drain cleaning service to find out just how often your drains need to be cleaned. That will keep them in good working order and help you avoid drain problems in the future.

Contact us today at Pride Plumbing for more information about how our drain cleaning service can extend the life of your pipes.