Eight Interesting Things You Probably Don’t Know About Drain Cleaning Service | Pinehurst, NC

Eight Interesting Things You Probably Don’t Know About Drain Cleaning Service | Pinehurst, NC

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Water is important in our everyday lives; we use modern plumbing fixtures daily without thinking much about it until something suddenly stops working. If you have a leak, a blocked toilet, or a shower that won’t drain, you’ll realize that the conveniences that are often taken for granted are essential.

Plumbing is very important; without it, our lives would be very different. Plumbers have the technical knowledge to fix leaks, replace pipes, and carry out a drain cleaning service.

If you live in Pinehurst, NC, or the surrounding area and are searching for a drain cleaning service or plumber for any type of general or emergency plumbing job, don’t hesitate to contact Pride Plumbing.

Whether you’re looking for an emergency plumber or a cleaning service, here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about plumbing.

1.  No two days are the same for a plumber

While plumbers are able to approach each job with professional skills and knowledge, each day brings a different challenge. No two days are ever the same. One day they’ll be installing new piping and the next installing a faucet. Some days they’ll be carrying out a drain cleaning service and the next fixing a leak at a university swimming pool. Being a plumber is an exciting career that brings unique challenges daily.

2.  Many plumbers would like to rename garbage disposals

Garbage disposals can be handy, but they should not be used for garbage, as the name suggests. Many homeowners dump unsuitable kitchen waste into their disposal systems, such as bones, eggshells and coffee granules. Garbage disposal systems haven’t been designed to get rid of many of the substances that homeowners throw into them. Never put citrus peel or bones into your garbage disposal as these can cause blockages.

3.  Kitchen waste can often be worse than human waste

Unblocking toilets involves human waste, which can be nasty work. You may be surprised to find that when asked what the worst part of their job is, most plumbers say dealing with kitchen waste is worse. Grease from the kitchen is the worst substance to work with. Booking a regular drain cleaning service will help to stop blockages from occurring.

4.  Plumbing is a more dangerous job than you think

On a daily basis, plumbers work with high water and air pressure, which can be dangerous. In some cases, plumbers are even risking their lives. If a pipe bursts, between forty and a hundred pounds of pressure, will be thrown towards the plumber.

Plumbers also face dangers from chemicals and heavy-duty equipment. They are also exposed to human and kitchen waste that could harbor disease and germs.

5.  Older plumbers are often wiser

It’s always a wise idea to hire a plumber from a professional plumbing company rather than employing an apprentice plumber who lives next door. Experience is vital when it comes to booking a plumbing or drain service.

6.  Watching YouTube videos won’t make you a plumber

Many homeowners love DIY and like to save money by doing small DIY projects themselves. This is great, but it’s best to leave the work to the professionals when it comes to plumbing. Plumbing is a highly-skilled job that takes a lot of experience to get right. It’s never a good idea to do plumbing jobs yourself.

Many homeowners rent plumbing equipment and do some DIY by watching YouTube videos. This often leads to injury and damage to the plumbing system. Many plumbers have seen customers with broken arms or chemical burns caused by doing plumbing jobs themselves.

Remember that everything that makes a plumber’s job dangerous will also make it hazardous for DIY enthusiasts. Trying to fix the plumbing yourself can also make the problem worse, and it could end up being more expensive to fix.

7.  Plumbers often help save you money

Plumbers can help save you money in the long run by carrying out maintenance that will reduce the likelihood of further problems appearing in the future. It’s easy for homeowners to neglect their plumbing system, drains, or septic tank, but these all require ongoing maintenance. It may be a good idea to book a drain cleaning service or have your septic tank checked out. If you put off doing maintenance, you can end up with more costly expenses when things go wrong.

8.  Plumbers have been known to save marriages

Many plumbers have heart-warming stories, which are often the best moments of their career. Plumbers can do urgent drainage fixes, which has even ended up saving a marriage! They are also able to rescue homeowners who have tried some DIY.


As you can see, plumbing is an essential job, and now is an excellent time to become a plumber. Providing plumbing and drain cleaning services is not glamorous but very important. A plumbing apprenticeship may be for you if you want to be able to get straight into the workforce and avoid accruing college debts.

Next time you turn on your shower or faucet, remember that we only have effective plumbing systems because of plumbers doing their job.

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