Emergency Plumbing Service: The Importance of Well-functioning Plumbing in a Resort Town | Pinehurst, NC

Emergency Plumbing Service: The Importance of Well-functioning Plumbing in a Resort Town | Pinehurst, NC

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Pinehurst, NC is a historic town that is fuelled by tourism. A hot spot destination needs modern conveniences to keep visitors returning to this charming village.

It is easy to take amenities for granted when they function well. It is only when disaster strikes do most people realize how much they depend on heating, electricity, and plumbing. The last thing that a resort town needs is clogged toilets, weak water pressure, and annoying drips to negatively influence paying guests!

Pride Plumbing understands the importance of a quick and friendly emergency plumbing service when the toilet is overflowing in the guest bedroom. The team at Pride Plumbing goes out of their way to respond as fast as possible to any plumbing emergency.

In addition, Pride Plumbing will not charge a premium for an emergency plumbing service because we know the stress that an unplanned expense can have on a household. While there is a nominal fee for an emergency plumbing service, it is not prohibitive and compensates our treasured employees for their commitment.

Warning Signs That It Is Time to Schedule an Emergency Plumbing Service

There is no shame in trying to fix household issues yourself but it is vital to know when to roll down your sleeves, pick up the phone, and call an emergency plumbing service. Plumbers spend years training and educating themselves on how to properly conduct plumbing installations and repairs.

Plumbing problems show up in a myriad of ways and by no means is this an exhaustive list documenting all the needs for a plumbing service. However, if you do recognize any of the following symptoms please reach out to Pride Plumbing as soon as possible.

  • A damp lawn when it has not rained may mean that a pipe has burst underneath the house. These busted pipes can cause significant damage to different parts of a home, including floors, walls, and other interiors. Ignoring a slab leak can raise the cost of an emergency plumbing service.


  • When appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher do not empty completely or drain into improper places, then it is time to call Pride Plumbing for a plumbing service.


  • Dripping taps can waste vast amounts of water increasing water rates to astronomical levels.


  • Nasty smells like sulfur and rotting eggs are a huge red flag that it is time to arrange an emergency plumbing service. This smell could be a result of a gas leak or it might be bacteria growing in the pipes that need a professional cleaning.

Keep in mind, if you are worried about your pipes it is best to attend to them as soon as you possibly can because putting off any routine maintenance or plumbing service can raise the price of the repair. Water is a powerful element that can quickly damage pipes and your homes’ foundation.

Customer Feedback

“My family has lived in Pinehurst since it began as a health resort for working people. My family home is on the National Historic Landmark Registry and while I am very proud of my ancestral home it does regularly need an emergency plumbing service. I can not even remember how many times I have relied upon Pride Plumbing to sort out one plumbing crisis or another.

The last ordeal happened after my sister’s six-year-old tried to flush her socks down the toilet. I did not know anything was wrong until I sleepily walked into the bathroom that next morning and drenched my favorite slippers.

Pride Plumbing responded quickly and dug the little, pink socks from the pipes. I do not know what I would do without them. The pipes are so tricky I won’t trust them to anyone else!”

Prudence Black, Pinehurst, NC, November 2019

“The worst part about living in an older home is dealing with the antiquated pipes. I’ve been saving for years to fully replace the plumbing without sparing any expense. I interviewed several different plumbers before deciding to hire Pride Plumbers. I chose them because they offered the most help when I originally discussed the plumbing upgrade. They were friendly, flexible, and affordable even when choosing more expensive materials (copper).

The total upgrade went swimmingly. They finished according to their timeline, kept me well informed, and even guaranteed the work they completed. A few weeks later, the taps were completely dry throughout the house. I was holding a baby shower for a friend the next morning and I needed an emergency plumbing service.

Pride Plumbing came right out and fixed the issue. They did not charge me for the visit because it was included with the original work guarantee. I love Pride Plumbing. They do magnificent work and stay with their promises.”

Tilly Weiners, Pinehurst, NC, September 2019

Standing Out from the Crowd

Lots of plumbers claim to provide the best services for the most competitive prices but the truth is that many company’s charge a premium for responding to an out of hours call. The team at Pride Plumbing cherish their envied position as the most trusted plumber in Pinehurst, NC.

Our employees are hired based on their superior skills, thorough education, and commitment to our company’s ethical brand. Our plumbers are fully vetted with an extensive background check and regular drug and alcohol tests.

Pride Plumbing welcomes all members of the community to depend on us for every plumbing need that arises in your home or office. Our experts routinely update their skill sets to stay abreast of new technologies and methods of conducting plumbing installations and repairs and can advise on how to create an environmentally sustainable home. Pride Plumbing is a supporter of Energy Star appliances and can help you choose the products perfect for your needs.

Please give Pride Plumbing a call so we can discuss how to improve your homes’ plumbing at an affordable price. Let us take care of your plumbing while you worry about enjoying all of the amenities available in this sweet, little town.