How to Main Your Water Heater | Tips from Your Pinehurst, NC Plumber

How to Main Your Water Heater | Tips from Your Pinehurst, NC Plumber

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While we at Pride Plumbing are always at your beck and call to fix your appliances and offer you other plumbing services, we do not fancy you losing money on avoidable problems. For most of our esteemed customers in Pinehurst, NC, we offer recommendations on how to maintain some of the appliances. For instance, to get a long service life from your water heater, there are some maintenance drills that you should observe. It is quite disappointing dashing into a shower only to realize that your water heater is not working. You will need a plumber now and then to fix your water heater if you observe the following maintenance drills.

Some tasks may be quite difficult to engage if you are not a professional, in that case, Pride Plumbing will send a qualified plumber to your home to help you fix any issues you may have.

  • Flushing the Tank

After a long time of use, mineral sediments tend to build up in your water heater. These mineral sediments are highly corrosive and will eventually cause the rusting of parts of the heater’s tank. Pinehurst water is proven to have high minerals content hence the need for this drill. You should flush your tank at least once in a year. Flushing increases both efficiency and the longevity of the heater. If you find this hard, you may always request the help of a plumber from Pride Plumbing. To wash the tank, follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off the gas or the power supply
  2. Turn on the hot water tap and the pressure valve
  3. Drain any water from the tank until all the sediment is emptied
  4. You can run in cold water until it comes out clear to do completely dispose of any residue
  • Regularly Checking Your Pressure Relief Valve

Most families are either using gas or electric water heaters. Such is quite prone to issues owing to their builds. These heaters have a pressure relief valve that prevents the heater from exploding in case excess pressure builds up in the tank. When pressure builds up inside the tank, the valve automatically opens to relieve such. During your maintenance, ensure you check out this valve to ensure it is working correctly. If you find this hard, you can always get the help of a plumber. To check whether your valve is in excellent condition:

  1. Place a bucket under the discharge pipe
  2. Lift the lever

If water comes off the discharge pipe, the valve is in good condition. If the valve does not open after lifting the lever, it needs to be replaced.

  • Checking the Anode Rod

Both electric and gas heaters come with an anode rod that attracts corrosive materials. As such, the materials corrode the rod instead of the tank. This saves you the cost of replacing the whole tank as you only replace the corroded rode. To ensure corrosion does not extend to your tank and shorten your heater’s service life, ensure the rod is replaced once in a maximum of five years. It is way cheaper to replace a nod than buy a new heater. To check the anode rod:

  1. Switch off the gas or power source
  2. Close the shut off valve
  3. Open the hot water tap and the pressure release valve
  4. Drain some water from the tank

Should you find any indication of rust in the water, such as rust flakes, replace the rod.

  • For Tankless Heaters Clean the Air Intake Filters

In Pinehurst, NC, there is a significant population of families using tankless water heaters. These come with air filters that prevent debris and other forms of dirt from getting into the heater. Regularly cleaning up the filters ensures that there is free airflow into the heater. To clean the intake air filters:

  1. Open the faceplate
  2. Rinse the filter with clean water then dry it accordingly with a paper towel.

However, if you consider such a drill challenging, it is advisable to seek the help of a qualified plumber.

  • Adjusting Temperature

Adjusting the temperature of your heater is an excellent maintenance drill that significantly helps you cut on energy costs. It is proven that for every 10 degrees lowered; you stand to cut about 5 percent on your energy expenditure. To adjust the temperature:

  1. Find the temperature dial at the side of the tank
  2. Unscrew the dial’s cover
  3. Adjust the dial to 120 degrees.

Furthermore, if you intend to be away from home for at least three days, it is always advisable to switch off the water heater. This saves you from unwarranted energy expenditure. And it will reduce the number of time you call a professional.

  • Insulating the Pipes

Insulating comes in handy to prevent condensation during summer. As such, this prevents the pipes from developing leaks and other forms of break downs. To insulate your heater’s pipes:

  1. Buy thick form pipes that match the diameter of your pipes
  2. Slide the form pipes over your hot water and cold-water pipes
  3. Peel the tape to close in the insulator pipes to the heater’s pipe

Such a maintenance activity may be a tough call for a layman. As such, a plumber is always recommended. If you are in Pinehurst, the Pride Plumbing has highly qualified personnel to help you out with such engagements. Our plumbers are always ready to help you!

  • Insulating the Water Heater

Insulating the water heater also keeps off condensation in summer as well as significantly prevents heat loss. It should be noted that insulation prevents heat loss by an average of 45 percent, which consequently cuts the energy cost by 9 percent. To insulate the heater:

  1. Cut a fitting insulation foil the will cover the essentials of the heater
  2. Wrap the sides of the tank but leave the valves and the dials exposed
  3. Do not cover the top part of the heater
  4. Tape the foil to the sides of the tank


Prevention is way better than cure. Consequently, maintenance is by far cheaper than buying a new heater. As such, observance of the above-recommended maintenance drills comes in handy to save you from incurring purchase costs and even other fixing costs. Most of the exercises do not require a plumber; you can follow the steps and successfully execute them.

However, the advice of a specialist is priceless and could help you maintain your heater even better. In Pinehurst, NC, we at Pride Plumbing offer professional guidance on how to maintain your appliances. We further provide our services for more complex maintenance drills. Get in touch with us today and we will send a professional plumber to help you maintain your water heater.