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Are You Inquiring About Plumbing Repairs Done in Your Monroe, NC Home?

Monroe plumberAre you looking for Monroe plumbing repairs where quality counts? If you are, then you’ll always get a dependable plumber when you call on the services of Pride Plumbing. Since 1965, we have been the area’s choice for water heaters and drain cleaning. When your plumbing problem is to big to take care of, then come see the pros.

Monroe Water Heaters

There are nothing but huge benefits to owning a high efficiency electric storage water heater. You’ll save big on your energy bills and be able to take lots of hot showers with this type of unit. Contact Pride Plumbing for more details.

You’ll save around $250 a year on your electric bill. If you’re sick and tired of overpaying for electric, then you’ll need a high efficiency electric water storage heater in your home. Standard electric water heaters tend to use too much water as the storage units use less.

When you go with an Energy Star based appliance, you’re making a very smart investment. If you replace your current water heater now, you’ll see savings instantly that you wouldn’t believe. Now that’s all the better reason to contact Pride Plumbing.

Monroe Drain Cleaning

If you know Pride Plumbing, then you know that we are the Monroe plumbing repairs that the community calls on for drain repairs. Drain repairs and maintenance are important to the life of your drains.

You may be enticed to use a simple drain cleaner that just about anyone can purchase from a general store, but there are many dangers in doing so. Here are some examples of why you shouldn’t use drain cleaners:

  • Pollutants – Many drain cleaners have pollutants in them. If you’re pouring the solution down your drains, it could affect the water which can cause complications to your health.
  • Residue – If you’re using drain cleaners over and over, this can lead to residue on your pipes. A residue that’s in direct contact with your drinking water. If you’re going to use a drain cleaner, make sure it’s safe to use on pipes and non-hazardous to your health.
  • Corroded Pipes – The more that you use a simple drain cleaner, the more damage that it’s going to do to your pipes. If your drains mean anything to you, then stop using these cleaners immediately and call a plumber.

Monroe Plumbing Repair & Replacement

Does it scare you that you need to replace your toilet? You no longer need to fear replacing your toilet because Pride Plumbing will do it for you. You’ll get quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. We give you a lot for your money.

Low-toilets that are very trendy with homeowners because they conserve water. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re on a tight budget and cannot afford to go over on your water usage each month. Low-flow toilets will help in this matter.

Not only do you, as the homeowner, need to conserve water, but it’s very vital to save water to protect the environment. The less we use our natural resources, the more we’ll have for generations to come. Contact your Monroe plumbing repair conservationists at Pride Plumbing.

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