North Carolina Drain Line Installation

North Carolina Drain Line Installation

North Carolina drain line installation informationAs the sinks in your North Carolina home are typically found in your bathrooms or kitchen, these are the most common areas to begin drain line installation. Drains can also be installed as part of a mudroom area or custom bar setup. While drain installation is usually best left to the professionals, here are a few tips to help you better understand the process.

Determining Drain Size

Besides determining what size of drain you need, you will also need to determine what type of pipe you need. Sinks in homes can either drain ertically or horizontally, with most horizontal drains being found in homes built in the last ten years. For a horizontal drain you should purchase a P-trap, while vertical drains should use an S-trap. You probably also will have to purchase additional straight pipe if the sink is far from the floor or wall. In addition, if your kitchen or bathroom has two sinks that need to drain, you will need to purchase a T-junction to allow both sinks to empty water into the same drain.

Of course when buying your pipe and doing the plumbing installation, it is important that you invest in good pipe and quality workmanship. The pipe should be strong enough to withstand pressure from water and not burst, and it should be strong enough to not break when getting bumped or kicked due to its location under the sink. In addition, you should take the time to ensure that you have properly and securely connected all pieces to prevent any water leaks.

Consult a Professional

While North Carolina plumbing used to be something you called a professional plumber for, more and more individuals are finding they can do it themselves, and you can too by learning a little bit about it. One of the best places to start learning is through plumbing installation of drains or water lines in your home. These are relatively easy to complete, especially if you know what type and size of pipe to purchase. Once you’ve mastered a project like this, you can move on to bigger and better things such as installing a new bathtub or shower. However, don’t be afraid to call a professional if you need additional advice or assistance.