Plumber Advice: How Can You Unclog a Main Sewer Line? | Albemarle, NC

Plumber Advice: How Can You Unclog a Main Sewer Line? | Albemarle, NC

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What Is a Main Sewer Line?

Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that the main sewer line connects a home’s plumbing system to the region’s sewer system. As such, Albemarle, NC residents should treat a clog in a main sewer line as a serious issue, so much so that they should call in a plumber sooner rather than later. After all, such clogs can impair their entire plumbing system, thus having a very real effect on their day-to-day lives.

How Can You Tell That Your Main Sewer Line Has Become Clogged?

Under normal circumstances, main sewer lines are out-of-sight and thus out-of-mind. However, there are nonetheless some signs that local residents can watch out for so that they know when they should be calling for a plumber to check out the situation:

•  More Than One Drain Being Clogged At the Same Time

One of the surest signs that people should be calling for a plumber is more than one drain suffering from either clogs or related issues at the same time. It is normal for drains to suffer from such issues for one reason or another, but it isn’t so common that interested individuals should be expecting to see it happening in a simultaneous manner. Instead, when more than one drain is suffering from such issues at the same time, chances are very good that there is some kind of underlying problem with the plumbing system. Clogs in the main sewer line are definitely capable of bringing about such a scenario, but they aren’t the only potential explanation, which is one more reason why calling in a plumber is so important. In any case, toilets tend to have the most direct route to the main sewer line. As a result, if there is indeed a clog in the main sewer line, interested individuals should start seeing problems in the toilets before the rest of their fixtures. In contrast, if their toilets are fine while the rest of their fixtures are experiencing issues, there could be something else wrong with their plumbing system.

•  Backflow

The main sewer line can have either a partial clog or a complete clog. In the first case, interested individuals can expect to see impairment to the intended function of their drains; in the second case, interested individuals can expect to see a total stop to the intended function of their drains. Said scenario is a huge problem because the water can’t go down the drain, meaning that it will come out somewhere else instead. This means the lowest point, which tends to be the shower drain. Suffice to say that this will be both very noticeable and very negative. On its own, water is bad enough because it can cause a great deal of damage to a wide range of substances with sufficient exposure, which isn’t even considering the effort that will be needed to clean up the resulting mess. However, when that water happens to be mixed up with sewage, the results will be even worse, not least because that is an immediate threat to human health. As such, whenever local residents notice backflow in their homes, they should call in a plumber to bring the situation under control as soon as possible.

•  Bubbling

If interested individuals are seeing bubbling in their toilet when they are making use of their bathroom sink, that could be a sign of a clog in the main sewer line as well. After all, clogs don’t just prevent the flow of water, they also prevent the flow of air. Albemarle, NC residents who are interested in testing their plumbing system can run the sink that is closest to the toilet for about a minute’s time to see what happens in the latter. If they see either bubbling or even a rising water level, they could have a clog in their main sewer line.

How Can You Unclog Your Main Sewer Line?

There are some methods that interested individuals can use to help out with their main sewer line problem. For example, they can see if they can locate the sewer cleanout line. After which, they can remove the cap on it in order to relieve some of the pressure in their plumbing system. Likewise, interested individuals can attempt to use chemical drain cleaners to see if those products can clear out whatever it is that has clogged their main sewer line, though they should know that chemical drain cleaners can cause serious damage to their pipes with careless use. Having said this, local residents should seek out a plumber to help out if they think they have a main sewer line problem for a number of reasons.

One, there is no guarantee that the problem is being caused by a clog. A plumber has the expertise, the experience, and the equipment needed to figure out the nature of the problem in the most effective manner possible, but most people can’t say the same. Two, clearing out a clog might need interested individuals to determine the location of the main sewer line, which is possible for them to handle on their own but will eat up a huge amount of time and effort that can be put to better uses elsewhere. Three, there is still the matter of clearing out a clog without causing unintended consequences to the plumbing system, which is something that is best entrusted to a skilled and experienced plumber.

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