Plumber Tips: Should You Use Cleaners For Unclogging Drains | Albemarle, NC

Plumber Tips: Should You Use Cleaners For Unclogging Drains | Albemarle, NC

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One of the problems homeowners face is a clogged drain. It tells you that some food particles or other things are blocking the flow of water. It’s extremely inconvenient especially when you are having some visitors in your home. Some may resort to using drain cleaners or calling an emergency plumber in Albemarle, NC to quickly remedy the situation.

Dealing With Clogs

How we use our drains contributes to the reason why they clog. Ideally, water should be the only thing that should go down the drain. However, we are tempted to throw down small food particles thinking they can make their way. They do, but over time — they may build up and clog your drains. All it takes for it to completely clog is another set of food particles or grease.

When it clogs, the first thing to do would be to clean the strainer and see if something is blocking the flow of water. You may want to pour hot water down the drain. That could work if it’s a minor drain problem. Otherwise, try to use either a plunger or an auger to remedy the situation. You can also just call a professional if you want quick and fast service.

Wire hangers may give you a temporary solution to the problem. But if the root problem is located deep into the pipes, you will need the services of a professional plumber.

Using Drain-Cleaning Products

Home drain-cleaning products are heavily advertised. They can work, especially if it isn’t a major drain clogged. Most homeowners are tempted to use these because they are the easiest and most convenient.

While this may be effective in some circumstances, this is not recommended especially when you have older pipes at home. The best thing to do would be to call a plumber as they have the expertise to alleviate the problem.

Chemical drain cleaners come in three forms: gel, powder and liquid. All of them use strong chemicals for fixing your clogged drains.

Caustic drain cleaners contain caustic potash and lye. These chemicals release heat to easily dissolve substances.

Oxidizing drain cleaners are the household bleaches, nitrates or peroxides that you see at local supermarkets. Like caustic cleaners, they also release heat and also gas for clearing the blockage.

Another type of cleaner is the Acid Drain Cleaner which is mostly sold to plumbers. These types contain a high level of sulfuric acid which can be very dangerous. When these chemicals react, it still releases heat to melt grease or other substances in your drains.

So long as you follow the directions in the drain cleaner, that may not damage your pipes. However, old pipes or pipes made with metal are susceptible to damage. This is why it’s important to call a professional as they know what to do when drains clog.

Chemical drain cleaners are extremely toxic. They should not be within a child’s reach. Better yet, they should never be stored in your homes.

When swallowed, chemical drain cleaners may:

  • Burn your eyes and skin
  • Release harmful fumes
  • May cause blindness
  • Fumes may burn your esophagus
  • Eat through your clothing
  • May cause explosions if not used properly
  • Could harm your septic systems

Should you decide to use drain cleaners, do make sure that you carefully read the instructions. Also, wear protective gloves and do not mix different drain cleaners. In addition, make sure that the area is well ventilated. Call a licensed plumber in Albemarle, NC if you do not know how to use a drain cleaner.

When all else fails, contact an emergency plumber to help you resolve the problem. Talk to a professional as well if you do not know what to do when your drains clog.

Alternative Solution: Green Drain Cleaners

There are safer drain cleaners that you can use at home. These are called Green Drain Cleaners. Enzymatic Drain Cleaners may be safer to use than the chemical drain cleaners. They are definitely friendly to the environment too. What they do is feed on organic waste that clogs your drain. These enzymes reproduce after digesting the waste. The only downside is it may take hours for them to fully unclog the drains. However, they may be beneficial for your septic system.

Talk to your plumber about using green drain cleaners. They may be able to help you out. These cleaners may not be available at your local stores though. Unlike chemical cleaners, they have a shorter shelf life. While they aren’t toxic, you still need to take extra precautions when using them.

There will always be ways to unclog your drains. However, the best thing would be to completely avoid them.

Preventing Clogged Drains

Plumbing maintenance and good habits can help you prevent clogged drains. Make it a practice to never throw grease or food particles down the drain. Always put them in the trash. For the grease, allow them to cool then throw them away.

Never take out the strainer as it’s there for a reason. Clean them as much as you can. If you throw small food particles in your garbage disposal, do make sure to run cold water to avoid food build up in the drains.

In the bathroom, always clean the sink and never throw either heavy paper or paper towels in the toilet.

Remind yourself to also pour hot water down the drains to help with dissolving grease and other build-ups.

Talk to a plumber for the regular maintenance of your plumbing system. They should be able to thoroughly inspect the system and tell you whether they are working efficiently.

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