Seven Common Causes Of Water Damage In Homes and Why It Is Time To Seek Emergency Plumbing Service From Your Plumber | Pinehurst, NC

Seven Common Causes Of Water Damage In Homes and Why It Is Time To Seek Emergency Plumbing Service From Your Plumber | Pinehurst, NC

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Water damage is not fun to deal with, and it can take weeks or months to notice. By the time you figure it out, it can be too late when severe damage has taken place. Water damage can lead to mold proliferation, resulting in health complications such as colds and infections. Besides the hike in the water bill, other common signs of water damage include wet carpets and an awful dumpy smell, making your home inhabitable.

The best way of handling the water damage issue is by finding the root cause and fixing the problems before the situation becomes worse. You will not only save your home from future damages but also get some peace of mind. Below are some causes of water damage that might require a homeowner in Pinehurst, NC, to seek emergency plumbing services.

Leaky pipes

The most common cause of water damage in any home is a leak in the plumbing system. Leaky pipes can result from clogged lines, broken seals, high water pressure, incorrect installation, and damaged pipe joints. Some of these leaks are easy to detect (like under the sink,) while others are hard to notice. A misdiagnosis of the leak can lead to severe damages in the plumbing system. When you suspect the possibility of a leaky pipe in your home, it is advisable to contact a professional emergency plumbing service provider to diagnose the problem and fix any other underlying issue in the plumbing system.

Faulty appliances

Old and malfunctioning appliances in your home can cause catastrophic water damage, hence warranting the need for emergency plumbing services. Among the common culprits include water heaters and washing machines. The problem with these appliances can be damaged hose pipes or even poor connections that lead to the devices. Homeowners should often repair or replace faulty appliances by seeking regular maintenance checks. Also, it is wise to avoid overloading washing machines and start checking for any leaks or damages in the areas near the appliances regularly to prevent future water disasters. Otherwise, it is best to have the contact of an emergency plumber handy.

Blocked downspouts and gutters

Some homeowners overlook the functionality and cleanliness of gutters and downspouts. It is not until you experience flooding that you will realize that there is a problem. Rusty, poorly aligned, and dirty gutters can direct excess water into your home and cause floods. Clogging of gutters can occur due to insufficient pipe slope or over crimping. Afterward, water will overflow to the underside of the house and down the foundation causing your basement to be wet and dumpy. Clogged gutters can also result in water leaking inside your home, damaging walls and ceilings. Like any other drainage system, homeowners should clean the gutters often. If you experience water damages because of blocked downspouts and gutters, why not look for an emergency plumbing service provider to fix and clean them.

Clogged toilets

As a homeowner, you may have experienced a clogged toilet at some point. Other than hard water problems and a clogged drain line, foreign objects and worn pipes can cause toilets to block. The first-generation low-flow water closets are notorious for this problem. When a toilet clogs, the water moves slowly and may cause the bathrooms to flood. The result is not only messy but can cause serious health issues if left unattended. It can make your home uncomfortable to live in and uninhabitable. To avoid the hassle of cleaning up the mess and dealing with more severe damages, you should immediately contact an emergency plumbing service provider to fix the situation and any other underlying problem.

Leaking air conditioners

Most people do not know that the air conditioning unit could potentially cause water damage in homes. ACs should not leak water, but it could happen under certain circumstances. Common causes of water damage stemming from air conditioners include clogged air filters and drains, dirty evaporator coils, low refrigerant, and condensation build-up. If the ducts clog, the moisture accumulates inside and causes water to trickle down and damage the floor. If you realize the mishap early enough, you might be in luck and experience fewer damages. However, if you are dealing with mold infestation or require to conduct some replacements, you might have to contact your emergency plumbing service provider to fix the mess.

Inclement weather

Sometimes, water damage may result from adverse weather conditions such as extreme snow and heavy rainfall leading to floods. Homeowners have no much control over natural disasters. However, you can invest in mitigation measures such as regular gutter and spout cleaning and door and window repairs. The roofing system is something you should also not ignore. During the snow season, the heat in the house can cause water to melt in the roof, causing the formation of a dam. The dam prevents the snow from draining off, leading to backed-up water that leaks into the house and damages walls and ceilings. Homeowners in Pinehurst, NC, should insulate their attics to be safe during all seasons, and you can always seek emergency plumbing services when the situation worsens.

Sewage backups caused by septic systems

A sewage backup is a plumbing emergency that no homeowner would want to encounter. It might be an indicator of a problem in the septic tank system, including an overflowing septic tank. The situation could pose a health hazard to the home’s occupants and the nearby community. If the tank becomes too full, the waste can back up through sinks and other openings. Factors that contribute to the problem include improper septic tank maintenance and broken pipes. When there is a sewage back up, homeowners should avoid any contact. If you notice any moisture or soft spots around the bathroom, sinks, and toilets, you may have a sewage backup problem. Do not hesitate to call your emergency plumbing service provider to ascertain the safety of your family and neighbors.

The bottom line; only trust the professionals!

Homeowners should inspect plumbing systems at least once a year. It helps in detecting underlying problems that could have led to possible water damage and unforeseen disasters. When dealing with any form of water damage, Pride Plumbing is the company to call. We offer professional emergency plumbing services with a guarantee of a clean, mold-free, and habitable home. Our experts handle multiple plumbing jobs, including drain cleaning and backflow testing. Call us today or visit our office to reserve an appointment.