Water Heater Repair: 8 Signs to Watch Out For | Pinehurst, NC

Water Heater Repair: 8 Signs to Watch Out For | Pinehurst, NC

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It’s a cold Monday morning in your Pinehurst, NC home, and your time shows you’re almost getting late for work. You jump into the shower to have a quick one to save on time. Then it hits you- no, not an object. Instead, cold water on your skin that startles you fully awake. You check the lights; the heater is on but not working. How did you not see it?

Water heaters are essential aspects of homes. Water heaters are not only in the shower but also in the kitchen. Here are six signs to look out for when you need water heater repair:

Fluctuating Water Temperature

Have you noticed sometimes that your water is hot, warm, or outright cold? The fluctuations are a good indicator that your water heater has a malfunction. Your water could lose heat mainly because of the accumulation of mineral deposits present in hard water. As a result, the heating elements present in the heater become faulty.

Rusty, Discolored Water

Have you turned on your sink only for rusty brown water to jet out from the faucets? Whenever this happens, it is an indication that there is rust in your system. The rust can be because an anode in your water heater system is rusty. Your water should be clear, or occasionally a misty white due to high pressure.

One primary component of the water heater is steel. Steel is a strong element that is in the water pipe system, mainly because of its durability. However, when corrosion occurs, the surface is destroyed, and the steel weakened. Maybe it is time to get a plumber for the water heater repair. You can also notice the rust through rusty valves and rusty pipes.

If Your Water Heater Is Old

Your water heater, like any other object, is designed to last a specific lifetime. Even with proper maintenance, you will replace your water heater at some point. So when do you know your water heater has outlived its purpose? A high-quality water heater will serve you for an average of eight to ten years. Once this time elapses, it’s efficiency reduces. Consequently, you might have to pay overcharged water bills and unpleasant showers. Why not talk to your plumber today to see if it is repairable?

Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater seems straightforward. A significant indication, apart from seeing a puddle of water near the water heater base, is high water bills. Your water heater can be leaking due to a leak or even a crack in the tank. Whenever you see this, call your plumber to have a water heater repair, and if not possible, maybe have it replaced.

When metal expands in your water tank, the inner parts of the tank have exposure to heat. After that when there’s a crack the trunk will be reasonably strong to hold the water in place only when stationary. However, when you turn on your water heater and the metal expands to allow movement of water, it will leak through the cracks. A persistent leak can cost you further if you do not attend to it on time. It is also dangerous if you have a small child around. The hole can also lead to corrosion of the outer parts of the tank.

Is Your Water Heater Rumbling?

Does your water heater have strange rumbling noises anytime you have it on? Sediments found in water might settle in your water heater. Gradually the deposits become scale, which affects your water heater. The extent makes your water heater work twice to heat your water to your preferred temperature.

Talk to your plumber in Pinehurst to have a water heater repair by flashing the tank. The sediment buildup, if unattended, can cause your water heater to leak or, worse, still destroys the heating elements in the water heater. Additionally, you will part with extra money to offset the energy bills. Noise may also be because of a broken tube in the system.

Sudden Loss of Hot Water

Supposing you are in the shower and hot water runs out, it is time to have your water heater checked. A proper functioning water heater will keep water in your house warm and ready for use 24/7. Should you not have hot water, most probably, the water heating elements are not working. The water can also not hear because of a malfunctioning thermostat or having a tank size too small for your house.

At such a time, you can have your plumber over for water heater repair. Your plumber will replace the thermostat, which is responsible for turning the heating elements on and off. Additionally, when your water heater is taking too long to heat, your plumber in Pinehurst, NC, should have a look at it.

Unpleasant Odor

A foul smell is hard to ignore in your home. The odor can be because of the accumulation of sediments in your water heater tank. When drainage of the tongue doesn’t happen frequently, bacteria will accumulate and multiply, giving off a rotten egg kind of smell. When you notice this, your plumber will do the water heater repair and get rid of the segmentation.

Water Not Draining

When water is not draining through the drain valve, it is a sign that there is a blockage. The blockage can be a result of the accumulation of mineral deposits to form sedimentation at the bottom. When that happens, it is time to get a water heater repair.

Water is essential in our local households. Your water heater should warm your water anytime for use, and more so efficiently. Therefore if you notice any of the signs above, you can talk to us anytime about water heater repair and maintenance for your water heating system to function effectively.

Trust us at Pride Plumbing to do the job in no time. With over 50 years of experience, we will have a diagnosis on your water heater and do the proper water heater repair.