Water Heater Repair | Albemarle, NC

Water Heater Repair | Albemarle, NC

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Taking care of your plumbing system should be a top priority. However, most homeowners tend not to worry about their plumbing systems until they experience leakages or clogs within their residential conduit connection. We do not blame them, and if you are often puzzled about when you should conduct preventative maintenance works, you are not alone. Most householders only spend their money on repairs and replacements of appliances and other interior fixtures like the sofa. They fail to understand that it even costs more to deal with significant water heater repair or a failed piping system.

Before you shrug your shoulder to red flags within the conduit connection, remember that the components of your drainage system are critical for the comfort, health, and wealth of your home. Hence, it would help if you had more consideration for your drain pipes to avoid dealing with costly emergency maintenance and water heater repair.

Below are some practical tips for effective plumbing maintenance that every homeowner must adhere to enjoy their plumbing system’s extended functional life.

Pay Attention to Red Flags

As a homeowner in Albemarle, NC there are many things you need to do to ensure that your home is safe and fit for occupancy at all times. These include a robust plumbing system, functional appliances, and other house occupants’ location. Your plumbing system will not break down on a whim. It will show signs of a failing drainage system that needs a timely repair.

Suppose you start noticing that your garbage disposal, sink faucet, or shower functions strangely, then it should tell you that there is a more significant underlying issue hampering the smooth flow of water or sewage within the system. For instance, a gurgling sound is a sign that there is a clog in the drainpipes. Acting fast stops the problem at the initial stages, thus saving you time and money.

Furthermore, if the water is flowing at a higher or lower pressure than usual, it signifies a drainage problem. The standard pressure is between 40-65 psi. Higher pressure may damage the valves and fixtures, resulting in burst pipes. On the other hand, a low pressure makes it challenging to take a shower, leave alone filling up a cup.

Soften the Water

If water with high mineral content flows through your drainage pipes, it shortens the drains’ longevity. The natural mineral in the water, mostly calcium and magnesium, builds up inside the pipes, narrowing the pipes’ diameter, leading to high pressure. It is an issue that most householders in Albemarle, NC have to deal with, considering North Carolina lies in the Southwest.

One way to tell that you have hard water running in your pipes is a white buildup on the showerhead or sink faucets. Some homes receive municipal water, which places the homeowner at an excellent position of knowing their water quality. The municipal council is required by law to conduct and issue a water-quality report with the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]. If you have a well, this information might come in handy. Anything beyond 140 parts per million is regarded as hard water.

The only way to rid your water of minerals that make it hard is to introduce a water softener. Most plumbers will use sodium to counteract the magnesium and calcium in the water. However, advances in technology have led to the creation of electronic softeners that utilize electromagnetic currents to soften hard water. These alleviate the need to use sodium in the first place and reduce frequencies of water heater repairs.

Observe Routine Maintenance for a Long-lasting Plumbing System

As mentioned earlier, homeowners will at first ignore the small issues within their plumbing connections. They only take the matter seriously after the problem starts compromising your home’s comfort, safety, and health.

At the back of your mind, remember that the small problem will never go. It will continue to increase in intensity, leading to more destruction and costlier repairs such as water heater repair. Hence, you should hire professional plumbing solutions to perform routine maintenance works. An expert plumber will assess every system component, including pipes, valves, drains, and water faucets. In case any of them shows signs of deterioration, then they can repair it early enough. Call your trained and experienced plumber once a year to inspect the drains and fix any issues—you can take the opportunity for a quick repair.

Avoid Future Clogs

Clogs are more than a nuisance, primarily if it occurs deep inside the drainpipes. They are also the main causes of frequent water heater repairs. Your home may start reeking of odor, yet you might not understand where the problem is. Clogs may cause increased pressure within the pips, shortening your drains’ lifespan. To avoid such issues, it would be best if you check what goes into your drains. Ensure you don’t flush down food scraps in your kitchen drains, and hair follicles off the bathroom drains.

You can do that effectively by installing screens within the drains in the bath and showers. Furthermore, you need to pull out hair from the screen at least once every two weeks to prevent buildups. Also, ensure you scrape food from the plate before doing the dishes. You also need to avoid pouring liquid grease inside the drains. Instead, put it in a sealable tin and dispose of it after it cools and solidifies.

Hire a Professional to Handle Water Heater Repair(s) and Other Plumbing Issues

Whatever issue you may have at home, whether plumbing or electrical, you always need to hire the professionals. Many householders prefer a DIY approach to their plumbing issues only to perform a shoddy job that may not hold up for long. An expert plumber is trained, certified, and experienced in cleaning up the mess within your drains.

You need a seasoned water heater repair contractor; you can trust and rely on. They understand your home because they have been working through an annual maintenance routine. Having a warm relationship with your water heater repair expert makes it easier for you to explain to them the problem explicitly, as well as your needs and wants.

Your plumbing system is an investment. It needs a high level of care and maintenance for it to last for long. If you’re looking for professional plumbing solutions and top-notch water heater repair professionals, call us at Pride Plumbing today, and we will happily fix both small and complicated issues.