Water Heater Repair | Albemarle, NC

Water Heater Repair | Albemarle, NC

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Water heaters are essential components of every home. Water heaters aren’t actually meant to last beyond10 to 15 years. The average life expectancy of a water heater is 8 to 12 years. After this time, experts suggest replacing your water heater. To prevent premature replacement, it is important to acquire water heater repair and maintenance service on a regular basis. Water heater repair is less expensive than a total replacement. It will help your water heater last longer and run efficiently. If your water heater has reached the end of its life span then you should have it replaced. The installment of your e water heater should be done by a professional and trusted water heater repair company. If you live in the area you should contact Pride Plumbing for all of your plumbing and repair needs.

If your water heater has reached the point where a replacement is necessary you should contact a trusted water heater repair company for a consultation. They should be able to assist you in making the right decision on what type of water heater you may need. Replacing your old, run-down water heater with a newer and more efficient one can make a huge impact on the efficiency of your plumbing system, as well as your utility bills. By choosing to replace your water heater with one that better suits your home will put less strain on the appliance. By maintaining your water heater, you will also be helping to relieve unnecessary strain on the device. A proactive approach such as this will help you retain the maximum life span of your water heater. Contact Pride Plumbing in Albemarle, NC, if your water heater is in need of repair or maintenance.

Types of Water Heaters

There are many types of water heaters to consider. The conventional water heater is the most popular. It contains an insulated tank where water is stored and heated. Conventional water heaters can be either natural gas-powered or electrically powered. Natural gas water heaters use less energy than the eclectic water heater and will cost less to operate. Gas water heaters require a high skill level to install and should only be installed by professional plumbers.

Conventional water heaters are practiced. To get the best out of this appliance it is suggested that you hire a repair company to perform a regular maintenance check on it. Just checking your water heater once a year can help it last longer.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity. The initial cost of these water heaters will cost more than water heaters with tanks. The tankless water heater runs more efficiently than the conventional water heater models. These water heaters will cost less to operate than traditional water heaters with tanks. Tankless water heaters cost more to install but will pay off in the form of less energy use and reduce utility bills.

If a tankless water heater has no tank then how does it eat water? It heats water by using flashes of heat against water-filled coils. The flashes of heat are quick and intense in order for the water to maintain a certain temperature. These tankless water heaters can provide a continuously flowing supply of heated water. This means no more cold showers due to someone’s excessive use of hot water. These tanks are perfect for large families or households.

Natural gas power and tankless water heaters make a good partnership. This combination is more efficient than natural gas-powered water heaters with tanks. To have the water heater work efficiently with gas power you may have to have your plumber install a larger natural gas line in order to properly use your tankless water heater. Similar to conventional water heaters you will need to have a water heater repair company perform routine maintenance to ensure efficiency.

Common Water Heater Issues

Water heaters require maintenance. Not maintaining your water haters could lead to bigger problems in the future. A broken, leaking or malfunctioning water tank is hard to fix and may require replacing depending on the problem. If your water heater is experiencing any kind of malfunction or issue contact a water heater repair company as soon as possible.

Sediment Build-Up

Sediment build u may not seem like a huge issue but it can turn into one if left unchecked. Your water heater must be flushed and cleaned by a professional in order to function properly. Sediment build-up is the buildup of minerals in the water tank. Tankless water heaters are not immune to this problem either, unfortunately. The heater water deposits minerals from the water and leaves it in the tank. Over time the mineral deposit becomes too dense and leads to issues such as noise. The more serious issue that may evolve from sediment build-up is possible and inevitable leaks from the water heater tank. There are fail-safes installed in some water heater tanks in the case of a leak. If your water heater doesn’t have a fail-safe or your fail-safe actually fails then you have a catastrophe on your hand. Once your water tank starts to leak the only way to fix it is to completely replace it.


Water heaters can have many kinds of leaks. If your water heater is leaking from the tank you may have a serious, complex issue on your hands. If your tank is leaking contact a professional water heater repair company as soon as possible.

Water heaters powered by gas can spring a gas leak as well. If this happens you need to take immediate action because natural gas can be deadly if left to continue leaking. If you notice the smell of natural gas, which is odorless then you need to turn the gas off. The odorless usually has a rotten egg smell due to a chemical added for safety purposes. Once you turn the gas off contact a water heater repair company to fix the problem. Do not turn your gas back on until the issue has been resolved.

If you live in Albemarle, NC, you should contact Pride Plumbing for water heater repair, maintenance, and installation needs. To schedule an appointment call or visit the website.