Water Heater Repair Issues And Other Hot Water Related Challenges | Pinehurst, NC

Water Heater Repair Issues And Other Hot Water Related Challenges | Pinehurst, NC

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Is Your Problem Your Hot Water System, or the Line for the Shower?

If you’re taking a nice, warm shower and it suddenly goes cold, is it time to search for the guilty party? Maybe not. It could be that it’s time for water heater repair instead. Pride Plumbing is your Pinehurst, NC team of expert plumbing professionals who can diagnose and fix your hot water supply problems. We can provide an adjustment, pipe insulation, or a water heater repair such as a heating element or whole unit replacement.

Water Heater Inspection

When our plumber gets face to face with your water heater you’ll have a good idea of the shape that it’s in, and usually it’s a good time to perform the annual sediment flush as well. It’s important to note the age of the unit as well as examine the interior for corrosion, check the relief valve, and make sure the thermostat setting is appropriate. If any water heater repairs are needed, you can do them with a scheduled appointment rather than an emergency visit. Our goal is to make sure that you don’t have any leaks or flooding, and that you have a predictable supply of quality hot water for your showers and cleaning.

Water Heater Repair

If our inspection notes problems or if you are experiencing an unreliable hot water supply or puddles near the unit, it’s time to diagnose and perform a water heater repair. In some cases, we may recommend that you consider replacing the unit instead so that your repairs are not followed by further problems in the near future. We’ll explain our concerns and let you know the costs involved. Usually, we can install new heating elements and repair valves and keep your unit operating smoothly for years. Sometimes, we simply find that the thermostat is misadjusted.

Installation of New Tank-Based Water Heaters

A tank-based water heater is large and bulky, so you’ll be glad to know that our team will remove your old unit and maneuver the new unit into place before beginning the installation of the new water heater. We’ll make sure that all the piping is in good shape, and ensure that the new water heater is adjusted properly for your home’s needs and your energy savings goals. One of the benefits of a new water heater is peace of mind for years to come with very little likelihood of water heater repairs. We do recommend an annual inspection and sediment flushing, though.

Increasing Capacity

In some cases, water heater repair or replacement will still leave some of those standing in the shower line with cold water. It’s just a matter of math. We can calculate your typical hot water usage for showers, laundry, and other activities and determine if your demand on the unit could suggest that more capacity would help. If it’s worth the expense of equipment and energy use, you can add more tank capacity and be ready for heavy demand on your system. You might also consider other solutions such as tankless water heaters.

Changing Water Heater Temperature

Most water heaters include a thermostat that sets the temperature at which the water in the tank is maintained. The factory setting for the thermostat is usually 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but the U.S. Department of Energy recommends reducing it to 120 degrees for energy savings. This can also be a good idea if it’s risky to have very hot water coming out of faucets and . Children, elderly, and those with reduced sensation in their skin may scald themselves before they realize it. A higher temperature can be a way to increase the effective output of the water heater, though, as it will take less hot water to create the desired temperature in your showers and faucets.showerheads

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters quick-heat the water passing through by transferring energy from a heating element or using boiler water from a nearby furnace. They can provide a steady flow of hot water that is constantly heated, and so never runs out like a storage tank based hot water heater does. These tankless heaters are also commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens to provide local water heating, reducing the need to waste water and energy drawing hot water over long distances within the building. They also allow independent control of water temperature.

Shower Valves and Shower Heads

Over time, your hot water may affect valves and shower heads and lead to the need for repairs. We can take care of any degradation of smooth control of your water temperature, and correct leaky faucets. We suggest that you call on us to work through your list of plumbing checks, drain cleaning, and repairs on a periodic basis for your comfort and convenience.

Corrosion and Leaching from Hot Water Pipes

Hot water can cause pipes, joints, and valves to release contaminants into the water flow. This is especially true of older pipes, which may release dangerous lead, or iron, copper or plastic residue. When hot water rests in your pipes, this effect concentrates until you turn on the tap again, and the first minute or two of flow should be discarded. If you are concerned about your pipes, especially if they are known to be lead or installed many decades ago, we can talk with you about repiping in all or some areas of your home, a common solution to the drawbacks of older materials.

Insulating Hot Water Lines

One way to save energy and maintain the water temperature you expect is to wrap insulation around the hot water pipes, especially in cooler areas. Ask us about this helpful plumbing service.

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