Water Heater Repair: What Next? | Pinehurst, NC

Water Heater Repair: What Next? | Pinehurst, NC

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We all know that sinking feeling when it’s discovered that suddenly the hot water is out. You turn on the hot water tap on your kitchen’s faucet for a period of two to five minutes only to have more cold or lukewarm water coming right at you. With this in mind, it appears that your hot water heater is out, and calling for water heater repair service is the only solution around. And this is exactly where Pride Plumbing steps in.

The professionals at Pride Plumbing take pride in providing top-notch customer care, which includes courtesy, knowledge, and support. They can troubleshoot your water heater problems in a single visit then determine the exact course of action needed for repairs. Getting back your hot water is essential for the different activities of daily living, such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing. All require water that is ripe and ready for killing germs, and that is something that only hot water can do.

With that being said, there are several signs of water heater failure that may or may not be as obvious to some, but should never be ignored. Water heater failure is serious business, and letting it go can put you and your household in jeopardy as far as your stress levels are concerned. Simply thinking of turning on the shower only to find cold or lukewarm water coming out of the hot water tap is enough to light a fire under you and get you going on making that critical call for water heater repair service.

The subtleties of water heater failure appear to be so minimal that homeowners may mistake them for something else, and that is one reason they go largely ignored. The other reasons may be the time and expense involved in water heater repair, which is a worry considering how busy so many of us get during the work week.

Yet the signs are there. You may see discolored water coming straight from the tap, which is unhealthy for consumption due to the fact that the water contains harmful sediments that come right from your water heater’s tank. When water settles into the tank, corrosion happens, and your home’s supply can get affected. In this case, your water heater repair technician should be able to replace both the tank and the pipes for you in one visit.

Cloudiness in your water supply also happens, which can leave a funny aftertaste. Drinking water that tastes like metal may be the result of a type of sediment that’s built up into the supply over time. When your water heater cranks, sediment and other minerals can settle into the bottom of the tank, thus causing that aforementioned metallic aftertaste. A good, thorough draining of your tank could be the solution to getting your water clean once again.

Leaking or broken pressure valves have an impact on the supply of hot water that comes from your heater’s tank. If anything, they are the parts responsible for the safe pull and release of your hot water supply, and without them, your tank would be in trouble. Water could leak around the base of your tank, which can have an impact on your home’s water pressure and supply. Faulty safety valves have fatal consequences for your tank, up to and including your tank exploding if the heat pressure gets to be too much for it to hold. Any water that leaks around the base is indicative of a faulty, aging system that should be replaced, and thankfully water heater repair service can take care of that.

Routine maintenance is vital to preserving the life of your water heater, and can serve to ensure that you will receive plenty of hot water for many years to come. In fact, routine water heater repair should include annual inspections, along with getting the tank drained to rid the inside of sediment and other forms of build up that have an impact on your home’s hot water supply. Sediment and other minerals can affect the performance of your water heater and impact its ability to provide your home with quality hot water as needed, so getting this done on a regular basis is vital to your home.

Those living in Pinehurst, NC know that there are certain omens that tell you when to replace an aging water heater, and these come as the result of years of wear and tear. Although occasional breakdowns can happen from time to time, your water heater may be aging if the total amount of your repairs exceeds the original value of your unit. That’s when it’s time to consider making an investment in a brand new one, and your water heater repair specialist can help you pick the one that’s right for you.

Choosing the right sized water heater is a serious task that cannot be taken lightly. While in the process, it’s important to look at a few key factors. The first is that you should choose the right size for your Pinehurst, NC home, which may mean asking your water heater repair technician to calculate the area of your home and the amount of people living in it who will be needing to use hot water.

Those living in a home with multiple residents should think about getting a traditional one that has a tank, as it can hold anywhere from 20 to 100 gallons of hot water at a time. Smaller sized households may wish to consider a tankless version, as it would simply heat up the water supply as needed and would therefore be more practical for your wallet. Choosing one that meets the current energy-saving criteria is best in order to remain in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

Calling for water heater repair or an upgrade need not be stressful, as a good professional will always have your back no matter what. Knowing the right type and size is critical when replacing an old unit, and the professionals at Pride Plumbing can help. Simply call or visit online today for an appointment.