What Causes Water Line Disruptions? | Tips from Your Albemarle, NC Water Line Repair Expert

What Causes Water Line Disruptions? | Tips from Your Albemarle, NC Water Line Repair Expert

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If water is life, as they say, then we wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that our plumbing is like our life support, would we? If you think power is important to you, try going a week without running water in your home. Those of us living in Albemarle, North Carolina know that water problems, however rare, are occurrences that we might all expect to experience in their homes or offices occasionally over the years, their causes may vary but their effects remain the same. The frustration, inconvenience, and nearly maddening stressfulness of water supply interruptions is second to none, and that’s why we feel the need to set out some handy plumbing knowledge today.

The aim of this piece will be to help us mitigate the effects of water supply interruptions, with the help of our plumber or a reputable plumbing service, by briefly outlining some of the reasons for supply failure and some of the measures that can be taken to lessen their impact.

Let’s get right into it.

Water Line Repair

Should you ask any plumber in Albemarle, NC, they will tell you that water line repair ranks high up on the list of terrors for home and office building owners. The fearfully held consensus among them seems to be that water line repair is among one of the most sensitive and complicated operations one may undertake on their property.

Perhaps their concerns are justified. For those in the home, underground water leakage might go on to result in myriad problems. The leaking pipes and tubing below the ground have the capability of wreaking havoc on your hardwood flooring, wall finishes, as well as your furniture. In an outdoor setting, the water that may come springing forth from a high-pressure system that has developed a leakage has the energy to severely erode the soil layers that contribute to the foundations your property rests upon. It is not unheard of for sinkholes to develop right in the middle of residential areas owing to underground water leaks.

Less spectacularly but perhaps far more seriously, the loss of water supply leakages bring about may lead to severe shortages in the amount of potable (drinkable) water that a household would otherwise rely on for their drinking, bathing, cooking, washing, and other domestic needs. A burst service pipe is no joke at all, as any plumbing service technician will inform you.

In light of the risks inherent with the corrosion and eventual failures of old-school copper water lines, many people have chosen to entirely replace their external and internal plumbing with corrosion-resistant PEX or PVC type lines. Plumbing service technicians are on the front line in the battle against catastrophic water supply failure, but any plumber worth their wrenches will tell you that getting your plumbing right may be the best investment you could make for your home, office, and general peace of mind.

What Causes Water Line Disruptions?

Back in the early 1940s and 1950s, lead piping was used to distribute water to all those who required it in Albemarle, NC. The thing about lead, as you well know, is that it comes with a raft of health downsides, which informed the county’s decision to switch to the softer but safer copper tubing in the early 1970s, as the science suggested. Now, depending on the age of the structure in question, you might still find homes with copper tubing water supply lines. The rather soft nature of these installations makes them prone to interference from tree stumps, roots, and other factors that contribute to their failure.

Obstructions and Blockages

Plumbing services that may seek to undertake any water line repair work will obviously have to contend with these obstacles as they seek access to your plumbing. Blockages that occur within the encasements of the pipes themselves, either as the result of clogging materials coming in from the household or building in questions or brought about as a result of a narrowed passageway due to external pressures on the pipe will call for a drain cleaning service to clear out.

Tankless Water Heater Operations

One of the first amenities a household loses once their water line’s operations are interfered with is their tankless water heater functions. Also referred to as an on-demand water heater, a tankless water heater operates in such a way that hot water is not held in store for later use, but is heated up concurrently with its usage. The heating methods vary, including gas, outdoor, propane, and electric systems, but every plumber will tell you that a tankless water heater option will always be friendlier on your pocket and the environment.

Water heater repair services that might be called for as a result of any disruptions in your water supply should be referred to a qualified, experienced plumber wherever possible. Water heater repair is a complex operation in most cases, as it touches on a structure’s main water supply, so it’s always better to be on the safe side.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service

You might be constrained to call on your plumber to provide a drain cleaning service in case you should experience underwater leakages caused as a result of backed-up piping. This is a job that would call for specialized tools and expertise and thus would be out of the scope of most DIY enthusiasts.

Keeping an Eye Out

When it comes to the avoidance of costly water line repair operations, the trick is to be watchful. Keep an eye out for such warning signs as:

  • a decrease in your water’s pressure
  • a hissing (or rumbling) sound from the water line inlet point to your building
  • wet patches out in your yard/garden
  • water mineral stains in your water that cause a reddish discoloration

While Albemarle, NC might rightfully boast of above average sewer, drainage, and general water supply systems owing to the moderate pressures exerted on their infrastructure by a non-congested populace, the fact remains that water line repair difficulties are a reality for the locality. The good news: there is always the handy plumbers at Pride Plumbing just waiting for your call!