What Kind of Pipes Does My Home Have? | Insight from Your Trusted Albemarle, NC Plumber

What Kind of Pipes Does My Home Have? | Insight from Your Trusted Albemarle, NC Plumber

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Are you looking at the pipes in your home and uncertain just what they are? Or maybe you’re not really sure how to even find out. Well, we’re going to walk you through the different types of pipes that you might have and just what that means for you. Calling your plumber will definitely help you figure out what you’ve got because they can take one look and tell you, or you can take a look under your sink or in your basement or crawlspace and find out yourself.

There are several different types of pipes that you might find in your home with several of them being different types of plastic and a few different compounds. You’ll also find cast iron pipes in some houses that were built a long time ago. Which type of pipes you have isn’t necessarily as important as you might think. It’s mostly about how well the pipes are kept up and whether your plumber is making sure that everything is draining properly. The pipes you have will likely continue to work well for a long time if you’re careful of this.

Cast Iron

These types of pipes were generally popular before the 1960’s. The benefit to these is that they’re going to last a long time. They’re pretty solid and heavy and there’s not a whole lot that’s going to break through them. The downside, however, is that the iron is exposed to a whole lot of water (they’re pipes, after all) and that means they’re eventually going to start to rust. When they do this could break holes through them or you could end up with rust particles in your water. Either way you want to call a plumber to replace these pipes as they start to break down.


These are actually black plastic pipes that were used in modern homes but not in the last several decades. That’s because they seemed like a great option at the time but they actually tend to have some defects to them. Namely these pipes tend to have problems with some of the joints that hold them together. Over time those joints can become loose. You are still allowed to use these types of pipes however so if you have them or even if you want to put them in at your house you can get in touch with your plumber to potentially install them.


This is one of the most common types of plumbing that you’re going to find because it’s what’s been used for quite a while now. It lasts for a very long time because it doesn’t get susceptible to chemicals and other things that can be pushed down your drain. It’s generally white or cream colored and it’s about the same size as ABS lines. You can talk with your plumber about the specific strength of your pipes, but PVC is the generally accepted option.


This is actually a type of heavy-duty line that’s going to continue growing in popularity in some areas. It’s actually starting to be used more and more in residential applications. One reason is that it’s super flexible, which makes it great for executing turns throughout a home. It’s also great for compression fittings. But it needs special tools in order to actually form a connection in it. It’s also quite expensive, which is one reason that it hasn’t quite gained as much in popularity as it could have at this point. Some plumbers don’t want to use it.


This is another older option that was used in homes built quite a few years ago. It seems like a great option because steel is strong and durable, but the problem is that it doesn’t last forever. In fact, it tends to last only about 50 years. If you find that you have steel pipes in your home you’re going to want to talk with a plumber about replacing them. You might not need to replace them all at once but you should be slowly cycling them out to make sure they don’t break down.

Rigid Copper

With this type of line in Albemarle, NC you’re going to have something that easily runs through anywhere you want. It’s thin and it’s strong, but it’s going to be more expensive than the standard PVC or other plastic lines. That’s one reason that not everyone is going to use copper in their homes. The color of it is quite noticeable and with rigid copper you’re going to have something that you can use outdoors and for drains. It’s tough and capable of doing just about anything that you might need as far as plumbing in your home.

Flexible Copper

This is the type of copper that you’re going to find primarily in small appliances like dishwashers and icemakers in your fridge. You’re going to be able to bend it easily and move it around to get a simple connection. The problem is that they can kink and that means you’re going to have to replace pieces of it over time. Not to mention this type of line is going to be just as expensive as the rigid copper. That means not everyone wants to use it because even though it’s durable and long lasting, it tends to be a bit of a hassle and an expensive one too for you and your plumber.

No matter what you’re looking at for your lines, you want to make sure that your plumber is letting you know how well those lines are holding up. You could find yourself with lines that just don’t last the way you had hoped or thought they would. Your plumber at Pride Plumbing is going to be able to tell you all about the lines that you have and whether they’re going to need to be replaced soon or whether they’re going to hold up well. Make sure you’re paying attention to what’s going on in your Albemarle, NC home and what it’s going to mean for your water supply.