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3 Backyard Summer Plumbing Issues That Are Easily Prevented

3 Plumbing Issues To Avoid This Summer

Plumbing issues are the worst, no matter which way you look at them. But backyard plumbing issues during the summer might take the cake for the most annoying plumbing issue. They have the power to disrupt homeowners’ cookout plans and everything else. The backyard plumbing takes on a lot of stress during the spring, and almost every sewer line system could use a professional cleaning before the summer events ensue. 

That said, there are three common plumbing problems that are easily avoidable with a bit of yearly professional maintenance and cleaning. Continue reading to learn more about these three issues and how to avoid them.

A Broken Sprinkler Systemsprinkler

Sprinkler systems are a common part of the modern home and provide a great convenience for the homeowner in the summer when it comes to keeping up with watering the landscaping. Naturally, when that system breaks down, it can be wildly frustrating for those involved. 
It helps to know what the common parts are that tend to break down first. Here’s a quick run-through: 

  • Control Panel: This controls the entire system, so when it goes down, the whole system goes down. 
  • Electrical Wiring: Old wiring can cause the system to malfunction 
  • Pipes: The piping system attached to the sprinkler system can have leaks or other issues that cause the sprinklers to breakdown 
  • Valves: If the system won’t turn on and it’s not the control panel, it’s probably the valves
  • Nozzles: During rainstorms, debris can get in the nozzles and clog them up
  • Rotor Heads: This is a common issue of wear and tear that can be avoided with yearly maintenance 

Regardless, homeowners should always call a professional before trying to fix the problems on their own. There could be more at play than what meets the eye. 


Hose Bib Malfunctions 

The hose bib is one name for it, but it is just the spigot attached to the side of the house. This is often where the hose gets connected but can be used for anything. It is extremely common for homeowners to experience hose bib malfunctions during the summer. It is a plumbing fixture that is always outside and forced to weather all types of climate conditions. It is also a fixture that rarely sees professional attention, but it can make for a highly inconvenient day when malfunctions occur and flood the lawn

When homeowners call a professional to have their plumbing maintained, it is essential not to forget about the hose bib. It is such a minor part of the plumbing system but may get used nearly every day in the summer. It is worth having a professional make sure the fixture itself and the plumbing leading up to it are working efficiently. 

Dreaded Sewer Line Damage 

Sewer line damage is something that homeowners never want to experience. Not only can it ruin summer fun for the entire season with sewer backups or foundational damage, but it can cost the homeowner thousands in repair costs. It is best if homeowners simply have their sewer line professionally cleaned at the beginning of every summer. This will ensure that all the debris and trash that flows into the sewer line gets removed and doesn’t cause problems for the rest of the home’s plumbing system. It will also save the homeowner all that money in repairs. Now is the time to call for professional sewer line cleaning services!

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