Water Line Replacement in New London, NC

Pride Plumbing capped off water line going to yard hydrant. We dug a new line from the foundation of the house to the meter box. We installed the new water line, pressure regulating valve and two shut-off valves.

Services Used in Project:
Water Line Replacement

E/One Pump System Installation in Norwood, NC

Pride Plumbing installed an E/One Pump System per the manufacturer’s specifications. We installed 1 1/4″ PVC discharge line from the new tank to the Town of Norwood’s sewer tap. We re-routed the home’s outgoing sewer line from the septic tank to the new E/One Pump. An E/One alarm was also installed to ensure proper performance of equipment.

Product Used in Project:

  • E/One

Services Used in Project:

  • Pump System Installation

New Toilet Installation On Deland DR. In Norwood, NC

Pride Plumbing installed a Premier pressure assist toilet to replace a standard flush toilet.

Product Used in Project:

  • Premier

Services Used in Project:

  • Plumbing Repair and Replacement

Tub Faucet Re-Build – Pinehurst, NC

Pride Plumbing was called out for a leaking faucet at a garden tub. Upon inspecting the faucet, the stems for the faucet were bad. The faucet is an after-market faucet and the parts were not readily available. Pictures were made and sent to plumbing suppliers to locate the needed stems. We located the stems and scheduled a time to return so they could be replaced. The stems were replaced which cured the problem of the faucet leaking.

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation On Silver RD. in Oakboro, Nc.

Pride Plumbing removed the existing gas water heater by first cutting copper lines, and removing gas connections and capping off vent. We installed a new Navien tankless water heater along with pipe and valve kit, pipe cover box, and remote temperature control. The heater was mounted on the outside of the house. The technician re-routed the water lines from old water heater to new water heater. Then we installed new gas connections to the existing gas line along with checking gas and water pressure for working order. Electrical lines were completed by an electric company.

Product Used in Project:

  • Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater

Services Used in Project:

  • Tankless Water Heaters