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Beware These Common Spring Plumbing Issues!

Plumbing Issues Caused by April Showers

Spring has sprung, and that means annual April showers are just around the corner! Excessive rain can wreak havoc for home plumbing systems, so homeowners will need to keep their eyes peeled for potential pesky spring plumbing issues. 

Knowing what issues to look out for and calling for plumbing help immediately if any problems occur will save homeowners a significant amount of time, money, and pain. Plus, homeowners probably would prefer to enjoy the gorgeous spurts of sunshine in between April showers rather than spending time dealing with plumbing issues! Below are three common plumbing problems for homeowners to beware of this spring.

Waterlogged Soil

Rainstorms can lead to heavily waterlogged soil that is not only displeasing to look at but also potentially hazardous to home septic systems. When soil becomes soaked, it can lead to horrible backups.

At a most basic level, homes rely on the proper functioning of septic systems to drain wastewater. Typically, household wastewater drains from a septic tank and is treated in a drain field, but flooded soil can significantly hinder proper wastewater drainage and result in a backup. These backups can migrate into home plumbing fixtures, which is an extremely unpleasant experience. Some common signs include:

  • Irregular drainage in home plumbing fixtures
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Water backups, often in the basement

Additionally, soil is a natural decontaminant that filters out harmful microbes in the water, but it cannot do so when waterlogged. This can have significant downstream consequences on nearby groundwater, affecting the quality of drinking water.

Foundation Leaksfoundation

Spring rain can also contribute to cracks in home's foundation, in part due to the shifting of waterlogged soil. “Foundation” refers to the concrete structure upon which many modern homes are built. These structures provide support for the entire home and thus need to be robust and stable.

When waterlogged soil dries and reforms, it results in slight foundational shifts, and with April showers, this drying and reforming pattern increases exponentially. This can lead to pressure buildup over time and, eventually, to foundational leaks.

Homeowners should look out for visible cracks and leaks in the foundation, as well as other less obvious signs:

  • Bumpy flooring
  • Fungal growths
  • Overactive water meter
  • Pooled water
  • Windows or doors that are suddenly stuck

Once identified, professionals should handle foundational repairs given the structural complexity and impact on the home overall.

Broken Pipespipes

Excess pressure on the home foundations can also lead to broken pipes, depending on the location and magnitude of the pressure itself. The signs associated with broken pipes include:

  • Discolored water
  • Improper water flow
  • Strange sounds in the pipes

Underground pipes in the home's exterior may also break if the pressure from heavy soil lying overtop becomes too much to handle. Homeowners should call for immediate professional help if they suspect their home has a broken pipe.

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