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Don't Fall Prey to a Plumbing Disaster This Thanksgiving!

Prevent Plumbing Problems from Ruining the Family Gathering

There is nothing more embarrassing than dealing with a disgusting plumbing issue while hosting a gathering of loved ones. Cooking big dinners creates kitchen waste that can strain kitchen plumbing; likewise, a large group gathering may cause extra work for a home’s bathroom plumbing. Everyone should be able to enjoy dinner without having to worry about sewer backups. 

This article has a few tips for keeping the gathering as free of unpleasant events as possible. 

Preventing Toilet Clogstoilet

A clogged toilet is perhaps one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners experience. While they can usually be pretty quickly dispatched with a plunger, there are ways to keep clogs from being a regular issue.
  • Flush Properly: Best practice for toilet flushing is to only flush waste and toilet paper in the toilet. Avoid objects such as soap, plastic, and feminine hygiene products.
  • The Double Flush: People may be helped by flushing waste first, then flushing the toilet paper.
  • No Chemical Drain Openers: Chemicals can cause pipes corrosion, which may promote clogs and other serious issues with pipes. 
  • New Toilet: If there are perpetual problems with the toilet, it may be time to replace it. Don’t wait until it has completely stopped working. Toilet age can make a huge difference in how well it functions.
  • Clean Regularly: Customers can prevent clogs through regular cleaning. This prevents the buildup that can lead to clogs.

Extreme Clogs: Blocked Sewer Lines

If a clog cannot be remedied through the normal methods, or there is a backflow in the tub or sinks, then the problem is much deeper in the sewer line. Slow flow throughout the house is another indicator of such a problem. There are several likely contributors to this problem which include but are not limited to the following list:

  • Irresponsible flushing
  • Tree and plant roots
  • Organic barriers(dirt, leaves, etc.)
  • Aged pipes
  • Pests

There are three major solutions to a clogged sewer line from the plumbing professional’s perspective.

  • Snaking: This method uses a pipe auger or “snake” to physically break up a clog through the rotation of the auger head. The clog gets caught in the head itself or gets broken up into smaller pieces that continue down the pipe.
  • Hydro-Jetting: Using a high-pressure stream of water, a local plumber can break up the clog with the only substance pipes are made to handle.
  • Sewer Line Replacement or Repair: The clog may be a symptom of a larger problem with aging pipes. This is when one will need a larger repair.

Be Grateful for Preventative Maintenanceplumber

Though no one can anticipate everything that could go wrong, homeowners can do their level best to prevent the worst from happening through regular maintenance and cleaning. Regular drain cleaning has the benefit of helping to prevent clogs and backups and helps keep a home healthier by reducing microbe growth.

It also reduces foul odors that one can produce from stagnant pipes. Regularly cleaned pipes also tend to last longer because they are less exposed to elements that could cause corrosion. Be thankful for what an ounce of prevention can do.

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