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Don't Let Plumbing Problems Take All the Fun Out of Summer

Three Ways to Avoid a Summer of Plumbing Disasters

Summer is the season for going on adventures, taking trips, and having fun. The last thing anybody would want to deal with during this time is plumbing problems. So in the interest of keeping the fun and carefree spirit of summer alive throughout the season, here are a few ways homeowners can keep their plumbing issues in check and keep their homes problem-free. 

Nip Leaks in the Bud

leakWhile plumbing leaks are common and occur in the home from time to time, it’s easy to neglect them, especially when it’s the kind of leak that is not visible. Leaks ultimately become a larger problem if not addressed immediately, raising water bills and causing water damage. Apart from water dripping and puddles forming, some signs that there is a leak at home include low water pressure, the sound of running water even if all the fixtures are off, damp patches in the walls, ceilings, or floors, and an inexplicably high water bill. 

A water meter with a leak indicator can also be used to confirm a leak. In the absence of a leak indicator, homeowners can shut off the water, take the meter reading and then check back again later for any changes in the reading that would point to a leak. If action is taken quickly to fix leaks, homeowners can save themselves a lot of trouble with water damage and spare themselves the pain of having to pay an exorbitantly high water bill.

Keep Oil and Grease Away From the Drain

greasePlenty of plumbing problems are a result of improper waste disposal habits. Many people may be unaware that many things shouldn’t be poured down the drain because they may cause a clogged sewer line. At the top of the list are cooking oil and grease. The summer barbecue is practically a staple for family meals this season and is notorious for producing the kind of oil and fat that shouldn’t even come close to the kitchen sink. Oil and grease can cool and harden inside the pipes and cause severe blockages that can damage the plumbing.

Instead of throwing oil, fat, and grease down the drain, these should be put in a jar, sealed with a lid, and thrown in the garbage once it has cooled completely. This will help prevent clogs and the problems for the home that a sewer line clog can cause, like slow drains, backups, and foul odors.

Preventive Maintenance is Key

As with most things, prevention is more effective than repair. Keeping the plumbing system inside homes in great condition means homeowners spend less time stressing out about problems and breakdowns and focusing instead on other things that make them happy, that they enjoy, and that add value to their life. 

This is why routine plumbing maintenance is recommended to be done around once a year. During maintenance visits, many tasks and inspections are done to prevent issues with the plumbing and catch any before they get worse. Drain cleaning can also be done for clog prevention before a clog can wreak havoc and ruin the summer fun.

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