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How Homeowners Can Prevent Clogged Toilets

Why Does the Toilet Keep Clogging? 

If a homeowner’s toilet keeps clogging, chances are, it has something to do with how it’s used. Toilets don’t just clog because they want to create chaos; they can clog because of bad bathroom habits. Reasons for clogs could vary from using too much toilet paper to flushing non-biodegradable objects. 

Here, homeowners can learn three simple tips to prevent clogged toilets, repair bills, and inconvenience.  

Be Mindful of What Gets Flushed Down the Toilet 

flushedJacksonville, NC, is around a three-hour drive from Mt. Gilead and their city website offers important information on what homeowners should and should not flush. It notes that homeowners should avoid flushing: 

  • Food waste, such as coffee grounds, fruit peels, and nutshells 
  • Baby wipes, even if they say “flushable” 
  • Dental floss and toothpaste 
  • Diapers
  • Tampons and pads 
  • Condoms 
  • Fats, oils, and grease 

Long story short: homeowners shouldn't flush it down the toilet if it’s not human waste or toilet paper. The items listed above do not break down in the plumbing system. Instead, they can clump together and form nasty clogs and obstructions, some so severe that not even a good ol’ plunger can remove them. 

Use Less Toilet Paper 

toiletCottonelle conducted a study on how much toilet paper people use. It notes that, on average, women use about 6.4 sheets of toilet paper per use, and men use about eight sheets per use. This usage is perfectly normal. However, some people go overboard when it comes to their toilet paper usage, and over time, this can lead to unfortunate clogs. 

Homeowners should be mindful of their toilet paper usage and try to use less to prevent clogs. If using less isn't an option, clogs from toilet paper can be prevented by flushing more than once during the process, so all the toilet paper isn’t flushed at once.  Another option is installing a bidet. With a bidet, homeowners can avoid using too much toilet paper. These devices shoot streams of water into one’s unmentionables, clearing away waste. 

Prevent Sewer Line Clogs 

Most homeowners have never seen their sewer lines. However, these are some of the most important parts of the plumbing system. It takes wastewater away from home and into the sewer (or drain field, depending on where one lives). When a clog forms in a sewer line, it can cause toilet clogs, so another way to prevent toilet clogs is to prevent clogs in sewer lines.  

Here are some tips for preventing sewer line clogs: 

  • Using one-ply toilet paper 
  • Maintaining tree roots (root intrusion can cause clogs) 
  • Don’t flush food items down the toilet or put them down drains
  • Using a reasonable amount of toilet paper 
  • Plumbing maintenance

The best way to prevent sewer line clogs is to schedule an annual maintenance visit with a plumber. A plumber can spot any problems before they turn into major issues. They can also give more insight into what measures can prevent clogs. 

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