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How to Lower Rising Water Bills Quickly!

Three Easy Ways to Save Money on Water Bills

No one wants to overspend on their utility bills and it can be frustrating to watch the prices rise. Homeowners who notice a high water bill, but are not doing anything differently should look through these tips to lower their rising water bill.

Sometimes, something as small as a hidden leak can cause a sudden spike in water consumption, but practicing good water conservation habits can lower a water bill significantly in just one month!


Be Cautious on the Tap

The bathroom sink is surprisingly one of the areas where many homeowners use a lot of water. It is easy to accidentally leave the sink on instead of turning off the tap. It is important to always close the tap tightly.

When a homeowner does not twist the tap lightly, small water drops can continue flowing out from the bathroom sink. It is not enough to cause a flood in one day, but it can increase the water bill and water usage!

The same goes for closing the tap when homeowners are not actively using it. After placing water on a toothbrush, it is best to close the tap, so the water does not continuously run. It is a waste of water, and gallons of water rush through without use.


Take a Shower over a Bathbaths vs showers

Bathroom plumbing takes a lot of expertise and time. Surprisingly, one average-sized bathtub contains about 43 gallons of water! While not everyone fills the tub all the way, even a tub with half of the water is 21 gallons! This is a lot of water being used, especially considering many people shower after having a bath to get rid of the soap and residue.

Showers save more money; however, this depends on how long a person showers and the temperature they use. For example, hot water not only uses water but also electricity. Using hot water for over thirty minutes a day can affect the water and energy bill. For homeowners who need assistance and tips, add a timer or alarm clock with each shower, so it does not exceed five minutes!

Flush carefully

A clogged toilet can hurt water conservation efforts because it only pushes more water up. As tempting as it is to try and flush away a clog, this can worsen the problem as more water rises and fills. Sometimes, the toilet handle gets stuck and causes water to furiously overflow out of the toilet.

Not only can this cause damage to water pipes and a homeowner's energy bill, but also the floor, walls, and any furniture near the area! Not everything is flushable and can cause clogs. For example, never flush wipes, even the ones that claim they are ‘flushable.’ These wipes wadd up and expand, causing clogs in the water and sewer lines.

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