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Skip the DIY Plumbing Repair and Leave it for the Professionals

Leave Plumbing to the Pros

There are a lot of reasons why people have DIY hobbies. Some love the experience of figuring out a problem or creating something. Others love the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from being independent. But some see DIY projects as a way to save money. 

While these are all good reasons to undertake DIY projects, some things should be strictly off-limits for non-professionals. Plumbing is one of those things. Homeowners can be trusted to pull hair out a tub or unclog a toilet once in a while, but a home’s plumbing is too complicated for any more serious repairs. 

This article from local plumbers describes several common pitfalls when homeowners attempt DIY plumbing. 

Plumbing Problems Get Misdiagnosed

A common problem that plumbers see when called to repair is that a DIYer already attempted fixing the problem, but the issue was misdiagnosed. Usually, that’s why the homeowners call for help; they made repairs, but the pain didn’t go away. DIYers aren’t familiar with the intricacies of household plumbing, so when trying to fix a problem, misdiagnosing the issue can lead to even more damage and repairs. 

When homeowners call for professional help, they take advantage of the numerous benefits of plumbers. First, plumbers carry licenses and certifications that prove they are skilled in their field. To obtain licenses and certifications, plumbers must complete on-the-job training and coursework. This means they can quickly and accurately diagnose problems, so they don’t waste time or money doing the wrong thing.

DIY Projects Take Longer to Finish

clockThe second problem with DIY plumbing is often related to the first. All of the time wasted fixing the wrong thing adds time to the project. In addition to a misdiagnosis, DIY plumbing projects also suffer from a lack of efficiency and urgency. This is ultimately the opposite of what professional plumbers have to offer. 

A plumbing contractor has specialized tools allowing them to do their job more quickly. When coupled with knowledge and experience, an expert plumber can do a job far quicker than an unqualified DIYer. Topping this off with a well-stocked truck and a plumber can get a repair done in minutes compared to a homeowner’s days-long attempt. 

Always Go Over Budget

cost A common problem with DIY projects in any field is that they go over budget. While a blog or video on the internet can show DIYers how to do something cheap, this is often misleading. DIYers will make mistakes that will cost them extra in wasted materials or, in the worst cases, damage adding to the total cost of a project. 

Professionals also have insurance to protect homeowners' wallets if something goes wrong. DIY repair isn't covered, so homeowners are on the hook for damages. Once budget overruns are considered along with the value of time, doesn’t it make sense to get it done right the first time? Hiring a professional for plumbing projects is the cheapest and most practical option. 

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