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Treat Yourself To a Luxurious Bath This Valentine's Day!

Make This Valentine’s Day a Self-Care Spa Day!

Is there anything more relaxing than a hot bath? Maybe not, but there are ways to make a bath even more relaxing! Make Valentine’s Day a time for love and relaxation by creating a zen-space in the bathroom.

Creating a spa-like bath experience doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Keep reading to discover the best ways to enhance the bath for Valentine’s Day.

Most Relaxing Types of Bathtubs

Homeowners looking to renovate their bathroom to be the epitome of relaxation have plenty of options when it comes to bathtub models. Consider installing or upgrading the bath for a truly refreshing Valentine’s Day surprise!

Whirlpool Tubs: What could be better than a jetted tub? These modern tubs have become popular in homes, notably because they provide massaging jets and other features that make them the bathroom equivalent to a hot tub. Whirlpool tubs do tend to cost more than a traditional tub, but their relaxing qualities make them worth the investment.Modern bathroom with freestanding tub

Soaking Tubs: Soaking tubs have been popular since the Roman Empire, and likely before even that. Deeper than a traditional tub, soaking tubs are usually freestanding, like the favorited claw-footed tub model of the Victorian era. Soaking tubs are designed for a luxurious experience spent relaxing deep in warm water.

Walk-In Tubs: Walk-in tubs aren’t just comfortable, they’re also user friendly. Individuals with mobility issues are fans of walk-in tubs for their easily accessible features, but walk-in tubs come with more bells and whistles than just easy access. They can be installed as a combination of a shower and tub, or even come in jetted whirlpool models.

Combination Tubs and Showers: The combination tub and shower model is popular in homes. The space-saving model provides the convenience of a shower with the comfort of a tub. They tend to be an inexpensive model when compared to whirlpools or walk-in tubs and are common choices for updating the bathroom.

Soothing Therapies for the Bathtub

Adding extra relaxation to a hot bath is easy enough when using one or more of these commonly used therapies: chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and music therapy.

Chromotherapy: Chromotherapy consists of using color to evoke emotions and enhance sensory experiences. Many chromotherapy gurus tout using blue and purple lights to enhance relaxation, yellow lights for energy, and red for romance. Adding lights to the bathroom can be as simple as lighting a few candles to installing waterproof LEDs in the tub.

Aromatherapy: Perhaps the most commonly used relaxation therapy in the bathroom, aromatherapy consists of adding scents to the bath to enhance relaxation. The scents may be from essential oils, bath bombs or bubble bath, or even a sprinkle of rose petals in the water. Lavender, rose, and vanilla bean are the most popular scents used to add extra-relaxing qualities to a hot bath.

Music Therapy: Adding soothing music to a hot shower is a fantastic way of enhancing a Valentine’s Day bath. Instrumental variations with violin and piano are the old reliable source for music, but there’s nothing wrong with adding romantic rock ballads or sweet pop serenades to the mix!

Soothing Therapies for the Shower

Woman standing under shower

Every therapy used to enhance a bath experience can be used in the shower, with some variation. Instead of using a bubble bath, consider adding a shower bomb or hanging dried lavender in the shower for a scented experience and play favorite music selections in candlelight for a perfectly relaxing shower.

These simple tips and tricks can help make this Valentine’s Day a relaxing experience!

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