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Turn the Bathroom Into a Haunted House With These Decorating Ideas

Turn Any Bathroom Into a Scream for Halloween

A holiday party is just what everyone needs to get in the spirit for Halloween. No Halloween party is complete without going completely over the top on spooky decorations. Options abound for adding decorations outside the home to welcome guests in, but the atmosphere inside will really set the tone. 

When decorating, trying to create a cohesive experience is the main goal. One room that often is neglected when decorating is the bathroom, which can break up the atmosphere that party hosts are trying to create. Don’t let this opportunity to add some spice to a Halloween party pass by. Take advice from local plumbers as they share some of the bathroom decorating ideas that they use to spook their Halloween guests. 

Add Some Flair to the Toilettoilet

Sadly, toilets go neglected when it comes to holiday decorations. Unless they host a Christmas candle during the holiday season, they likely won’t be used to add atmosphere for any holiday. What a waste! Halloween is the perfect opportunity to use the toilet as a fun decorative centerpiece in the bathroom. 

For those who are more conservative, tasteful options can easily fit general themes for Halloween parties. Toilet covers and floor mats can be color-coordinated with oranges and blacks, or they can be bought with designs sporting pumpkins and witches. 

For a more macabre theme party, one can apply vinyl stickers to toilets showing creepy images or adding the impression of blood. These stickers are applied without adhesive, so there won’t be any residue after they are removed. 

Shower Decorating Ideasshower

There is a reason so many horror movies have scenes taking place in the shower. Something about the shower makes people feel vulnerable and scared. Take that to the next level and lean into it! 

Shower curtains are an easy way to tie in decorations from around the bathroom. Classically themed Halloween shower curtains with broomsticks and cauldrons can be bought, or one can hang graphic and creepy shower curtains with characters from popular horror movies. 

For added graphic touches, fake blood can be applied around the shower. Vinyl clings depicting blood footprints can be laid down on the shower floor. 

Creep Mirror Decorations

Mirrors are another common theme in horror movies, with many popular scenes centering around the mirror. Using the mirror to add some creepy touches to the bathroom can be a great idea to add a little extra to the space. 

Good mirror decorations should take advantage of existing lore about mirrors in horror movies. Etchings and clings can be added to mirrors to give the appearance of something ethereal inside the mirror. Additionally, messages can be added to the mirror that looks written in shower steam or blood. 

Along with the mirrors, add some touches around the vanity, too. Soap dispensers and candles are easy ways to take advantage of this space. Fake blood can also be applied if the theme centers around gore. 

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