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Turn Your Bathroom Into a Valentine's Day Spa

Escape to Your Bathroom Oasis

Holidays tend to add stress to people instead of being a time for fun and relaxation. This may be most true during Valentine's Day. Society puts a lot of pressure on people to perform during Valentine's Day, but maybe it's time to take a break. Spa treatments are a popular gift to give during this holiday, but there is an even better way to get the relaxation people to want: to enjoy the same experience in the privacy of one's home for free. 

Knowing where to start when transforming a bathroom into a spa can be tricky. Instead of spending endless hours scrolling for suggestions, go to the pros. These local luxury bathroom installation specialists give professional advice about making the bathroom the most relaxing room in the home. 

Reasons to Take a Bathbenefits

For many people, it doesn't take too much convincing to get them to take an indulgent bath. However, some skeptics are always reluctant to give it a try. The truth is that many proven benefits come from taking a bath. While some people may feel bored and unproductive sitting in a tub of hot water for an indeterminate amount of time, maybe listing some benefits would convince them to try it. 

Some of the proven benefits of a long soak are: 

  • Improved circulation and lowered blood pressure
  • Pain relief and relaxation for sore muscles and joints
  • Bath salts can replenish lost electrolytes
  • Improved restfulness and sleep
  • Improved respiration and lung function
  • Clearer and less irritated skin

While a new bathtub installation can enhance the bathtime experience, the cool thing about this list of benefits is that they are already available to anyone with a bathtub!

Spice Things Up With Some Color

Color seems relatively unimportant but can have a powerful subconscious influence. There is a reason why spas and luxury resorts choose certain color palettes and softened lighting. 

Luckily, the same experience is available in any bathroom. With a few easy additions, relaxing lighting can become a part of any relaxing bath time. One can install LEDs behind mirrors or overhead lighting to add to the relaxation. Focus on reducing overhead lighting and adding blue or red accent lights to set the mood. 

showerRelaxing Under a Rain Shower

What could be more relaxing than taking a shower the way nature intended? New rain showers are designed to gently cascade water from overhead. Instead of fighting with a showerhead that sprays pressurized water, allow gravity to wash away the stress. 

A relaxing shower is a great option for homes that don't have a comfortable bathtub. When coupled with LED lighting and waterproof or Bluetooth speakers, a rain shower can be as relaxing of an experience as a long, hot soak. Additionally, installing a showerhead is one of the most cost-effective changes that one can make to a shower. 

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