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Upgrade Your Hot Water Experience With a New Water Heater

Signs it's Time to Get a New Water Heater

It is important to be aware of the signs that indicate it’s time to replace an old water heater. Corrosion can form in the tank, leading to a decrease in efficiency and even dangerous leaks. If hot water runs out quicker than usual, this could be an indication that a new water heater is needed. Rising energy bills could suggest a decrease in efficiency, which means it is time to get a new one. If any of these signs are noticed, it is essential to reach out to a qualified plumber so they can determine if it’s time to replace the water heater.

Deterioration and Corrosion

corrosionCorrosion can occur in the water heater tank, leading to a decrease in efficiency and even dangerous leaks. If left unchecked, it can cause severe damage and should be replaced as soon as possible. Various factors, including age, improper installation, or a lack of maintenance, can cause corrosion. It is important to look out for corrosion and replace the water heater if necessary.

More often than not, corrosion is a visual symptom of a damaged water heater. There can be excess rust at the base of the water heater, indicating that water is already leaking out of the unit or flecks of rust in the water itself. Generally, a replacement will be needed if there are leaks around the tank. 

Little to No Hot Water

If the hot water runs out quicker than it used to with the same water heater, this could be a sign that it is time to get a new one. This could be due to a malfunctioning component, decreased efficiency, or sediment buildup in the tank. It could also be caused by leaks in the system, allowing hot water to escape. 

It is vital to be aware of any changes in the amount of hot water available and replace the water heater if necessary. Also, for homeowners with growing families, remember that storage tank water heaters have a limited amount of hot water they can produce. As such, a smaller unit may only be able to accommodate a few people taking hot showers around the same time. 

A Spike in Energy Costs

billRising energy bills are one of the easiest-to-spot symptoms of a damaged water heater. While they can indicate a decrease in the efficiency of the water heater, it could also mean there’s a leak as the unit is constantly heating new water to compensate for the loss. With a new water heater, energy efficiency will be restored, and homeowners will see their utility costs decrease.

If homeowners notice any of these signs, they should contact a professional to inspect the water heater before any damage worsens. Replacing an old water heater can help save money on energy bills and ensure that hot water is more readily available.

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