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When to Call an Expert for Garbage Disposal Repair

Signs That a Garbage Disposal Is Broken and Needs Repair 

The kitchen drain is a vital part of the plumbing infrastructure, with needs different from every other plumbing fixture in the home. Kitchen drains are often expected to deal with food scraps and cooking waste without causing a clog every single meal. However, most kitchen sinks are fitted with garbage disposals to help them accomplish this challenging task. Garbage disposals are devices with powerful motors that grind up kitchen waste so it can be washed down the drain without causing problems for the plumbing. They are instrumental in keeping kitchen drain plumbing reliable. 

But even garbage disposals will fail eventually. Losing their service means that drain clogs and the problems they can cause will become much more likely. For this reason, homeowners should call a professional to make repairs as soon as they notice problems with their garbage disposal. Here are three signs that there is trouble with the garbage disposal. 

Strange Noises

noisesThe first thing many people notice when their garbage disposal starts acting up is the unusual noises it will start to make. Usually, a garbage disposal will make a loud but smooth grinding noise when turned on. Any deviation from this norm indicates a problem. 

Some common strange noises from malfunctioning garbage disposals are intensified humming or rattling. This often means that something is lodged in the garbage disposal or the grinding chamber has a jam or clog. Screeching noises can indicate a component is out of place.  

Poor Performance 

The performance of a garbage disposal suffering can also indicate something is wrong with it. First, if the garbage disposal runs but can’t clear the food debris or kitchen drain clogs become a problem, the blades may be too dull. Contrary to hacks found on the internet, ice cubes don’t help sharpen the blades of garbage disposals but can be used to help dislodge food debris from the unit. 

Another problem affecting the performance of garbage disposals is if it’s unreliable and the reset button has to be used frequently. If there are problems within, it may require a small reset button on the unit to be used, but if the overload trips frequently or the unit doesn’t run when it should, bigger problems are likely.

Foul Odors 

smellAnother sign that a garbage disposal is experiencing problems is foul odors from the kitchen drain. The source of the bad smells is almost certainly rotting food that hasn’t been successfully rinsed down the drain or is jammed in the system. If the garbage disposal is truly to blame, then the odors won’t be able to be covered up or removed. 

Even if suppressed for a while, they will return if food is clogged in the garbage disposal. Scheduling garbage disposal repair or replacement is the easiest way to get things back on track. However, a foul smell from the drain can also be caused by a clog in the pipe, so a plumber can help homeowners determine the cause of the issue and solve it.  

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