Aberdeen, NC professional plumbers you can trust

In our area of the country, it’s nice to be out of the hub-bub of a big city, but it can be difficult to find services you can count on when you live in rural settings like we do. If you’re ever in need of a plumbing professional, look no further than our pro’s here at Pride Plumbing.

We work hard for all our customers, and have done so since 1965. You can count on our team of professionals for all your plumbing needs including many of the specialty services like new installations for remodeling or rerouting of your plumbing lines.

We can also provide you with state of the art testing like backflow testing and installations, gas piping and service, leak detection, and more. We take pride in giving you the best we can when we work for you. And you’ll never have to worry about our company being honest or reliable. We hold high standards for all our plumbers and provide them with everything they need to do great work for you. Call on us when you need plumbing in Aberdeen and we’ll take great care of your home’s plumbing needs!

Water & Sewer Lines in Aberdeen

Your fresh water and sewer lines give you instant access to water and water removal from your home. When there’s a problem, you’re often left without these important services. Let us help you find and fix your plumbing problems and we’ll get the problems found fast.

We have all the latest equipment and are ready to help you no matter whether you have tree roots growing into your lines or you just need to replace a faucet. Let’s work together and we can get your home’s plumbing working as it should again!

Plumbing Repair & Replacement in Aberdeen

If you’re ready to have some plumbing replaced and updated, call on our professional plumbers at Pride Plumbing. We’ll take a look at your rusted or corroded parts and get them replaced in a jiffy. We can also repair or replace any of your Aberdeen, NC plumbing lines whether they’re hidden under your home’s foundation or sewer lines that run out to the septic system.

Water Heater Replacement in Aberdeen

Is your water heater giving you problems? If so, we can take a look at it for you. It could need a simple flush out to remove the sediment buildup, or it may need heating elements replaced, or it may be rusting out and time to replace the whole tank.

Those on tankless systems may also need repair or replacements after time. No matter your water heater type or whether it’s fuel fed or electric, we can handle all your repairs, replacements, and new installations.

We also have a great line of Aberdeen tankless water heaters we can put just about anywhere you’d like instant hot water access including outside or in your guest house!