West End, NC Professional Plumbers you can trust

Our Professional Plumbers at Pride Plumbing, Inc., have provided the West End, NC area with expert plumbing services since 1965. We’d love to hear from you and provide you with all your plumbing needs as well! We’ve been working hard to build a solid reputation for many years, which is why we’re one of the favored plumbing companies in North Carolina.

With our expert West End plumbers, you’ll always have an honest quote with no hidden or surprise costs. We’re reliable and always communicate well with our customers, finishing the work right the first time. We’re also expert troubleshooters, which means your plumbing issues can’t hide and come back to cause more problems over and over again.

Water & Sewer Lines in West End

Many times a year, we’re called to repair or clear out clogs from sewer lines or fresh water lines. If either your drains or water pressure are giving you problems, we can find and fix the problem no matter what’s going on. We can test your lines and locate your clogs or line breaks fast, and can make repairs or replacements as needed.

You may have tree roots growing into the lines, clogs, line cracks, scale buildup, or some other underlying cause to the problem. We’ll find the cause and get it repaired so the job is done right the first time!

Plumbing Repair & Replacement in West End

Look no further when you’re looking for Southern Pines Plumbing! You’ll have professionals working on your plumbing system every time. We take pride in our quality workmanship and offer you the best repairs and replacements in the area. Your plumbing is important and you need it to work properly at all times. Put your trust in us and we’ll always be there for you when you need help!

Water Heater Replacement in West End

Over time, a substance called scale will build up within your water heater. This substance results when limestone in the water supply is heated to a certain temperature. All water supply has the sediment limestone in it, so there’s simply no avoiding this problem unless you have a water softener installed which resists the production and buildup of scale.

Pipes that are exposed to scale will build up the substance, layer after layer until the pipes are so narrow only a trickle of water is allowed to flow through. We can clear out your water heater of sediment and make any repairs to your water heater. Let us take a look at it and we’ll always give you an honest answer when it comes to all your home’s plumbing needs including hot water heater replacements!