Septic Tank Services in Mount Gilead

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What Causes Septic Tank Issues

You need a functioning septic tank to protect your family and your Mt. Gilead home. Unfortunately, from time to time your unit might run into issues that need to be repaired. These can be caused by many issues, including:

  • Sludge buildup.
  • Not emptying out a tank. This can cause it to backup.
  • As it gets older your tank can deteriorate.
  • Lines can become blocked in the drain-field.
  • Wear and tear on drain-fields.

How Often Your Septic Tank Should Be Maintained

To keep your septic tank working as expected, it’s important to keep it properly maintained. You should have your system professionally serviced at the following times:

  • At least once a year. Your unit may need to be serviced more often depending on how many people live in the household, how much water is used, and if you have a jacuzzi or hot tub. It can also vary depending on the ages of people living in your property - as teenagers and younger people may use more water than other age groups.
  • If the tank is one-third full.

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How To Prevent Septic Tank Issues

Unfortunately, from time to time your septic tank might need professional repairs if it encounters issues. To prevent potential problems with your unit you should follow these tips:

  • Don’t pour grease down the sink or toilet. This can cause clogs in the drain-field.
  • When planning your property, position landscaping, roof gutters and foundation drains so water flows away from the drain-field.
  • Keep the drain-field from becoming water-logged.
  • Clear the area around the tank of tree roots and concrete structures like driveways or patios.
  • Don’t flush solid materials like coffee grounds or banana peels down the toilet.
  • Schedule regular service appointments with a professional.
  • Avoid using household cleaning products like bleach and drain cleaners.

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