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How Can Homeowners Catch Water Leaks Before They Cause More Damage?

Stop Water Damage by Spotting Water Leaks 

Apart from flooding from a storm or a burst pipe, few things can cause more water damage to a home than a plumbing leak. When the water that flows through the lines in the house is allowed to leak out, it can cause devastating damage that is expensive to fix and high water bills. 

The only way to keep the damage from water leaks to a minimum is to spot the signs early. Unfortunately, leaks are not always obvious. This article contains tips from local experts to help homeowners spot water leaks early so they can get repairs before it's too late. 

Signs That Water Leaks Are Present 

The faster a homeowner picks up on the signs of a leak, the quicker they can call a professional to fix the problem before it gets out of hand. Some of the signs that water leaks are present are: 

  • Low Water Pressure: Poor water pressure can result from leaking water that affects the amount of water that reaches fixtures. 
  • Water Stains: Piping can run behind walls and ceilings. When it starts to leak, it often causes brown spots and water stains to form. 
  • Dripping Noises or the Sound of Running Water: Most plumbing leaks are hidden, so trying to see the problem can be futile. Listening to the sounds of water when no water is being used can help detect leaks. 
  • Wet Spots: Noticing wet spots on the floor or in the yard indicates that professional leak detection services are needed. 

Water Bills Are Out of Control 

billHomeowners should take the time to monitor their water usage, as a spike in water bills without a change in how much water a household uses is another way for homeowners to notice a leak in their homes. Tracking water usage for a sudden increase is often a sure sign that water leaks are present and a great way to notice hidden leaks. If bills have inexplicably spiked, there is likely a leak somewhere in the system, and homeowners should contact a plumber. 

Use the Water Meter

water meterIf any of the signs are noticed, or there’s a spike in water usage, homeowners can also use their water meters to verify a water leak is present before calling a plumber. Some water meters have a leak indicator built in that can tell homeowners they have a leak, but even without one, water meters can still be used to find a leak. 

The easiest way to do this test is to ensure no water is running in the house. When the plumbing system is idle, check the reading on the water meter. Then, recheck the reading on the water meter after about an hour. If it has changed without any water use, a leak is likely present, and leak detection services are needed. Most water meters are incredibly sensitive and will display movement with even very small or slow leaks. 

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