Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Why is the water pressure in my North Carolina home suddenly so high?

Your local water municipality may often alter the water pressure flowing throughout your area. In order to keep up with increased demand. You might actually notice your water pressure being lower every so often as well.

How do I know whether or not a plumbing technician is trying to sell me services I don’t need?

Unlike many plumbers, our experienced plumbing technicians at Pride Plumbing want to provide only the necessary services you need. We take pride in our work, and know that the best way to ensure repeat business is to listen to your customers, rather than taking advantage.

Why can’t I receive a plumbing service estimate over the phone?

Ballparked plumbing pricing typically overestimates the amount of money you’ll have to pay. It’s much better for us and for our customers to conduct a service estimate in-person, at your home. This way, we can actually see your plumbing problem, and provide you with a service cost that’s much lower than what we would provide without seeing your plumbing situation in person.

Why is my water heater leaking?

There are many causes for leaking in your North Carolina water heater. Sometimes this indicates that there is too much pressure in your water heater. Other times a part may simply need to be replaced.

Why is my water bill high if I’m not able to spot any leaks?

Your water bill may be high for reasons other than an obvious leak. First, you should turn off all the water in your home to determine whether your water meter is still moving, as you could have a leak somewhere outside your home, but still on your property. You could also have something simple as a leaky toilet that never stops running.

Why is it important for the plumbing company I hire to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

A general liability policy will not cover anyone who gets hurt working at a customer’s home, which means the liability for any serious injury falls on the homeowner. With Worker’s Compensation, you can rest assured that your plumber’s employer is responsible for their well-being and safety while on the job.

Don’t all plumbing companies background and drug test their technicians?

You might be surprised to hear this, but, no. While all of our employees have been background checked and drug tested, this isn’t a legal requirement, and many plumbing companies do not ensure this as part of their hiring process. We hire and train the best plumbing technicians in the North Carolina area.

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