Water Heater Services in Asheboro, NC

Reach out to Pride Plumbing for premium water heater services in Randolph County. Our clean and courteous techs are always happy to serve!

From making showers comfortable to speeding up your dishwashing, a water heater is an essential part of any property. If your unit needs fixing or replacing, Pride Plumbing is here to help. Our happy and helpful pros have helped homes and businesses in Asheboro, NC, with their plumbing needs since 1965. By calling a trusted team with decades of industry experience, you get on-time and fast turnarounds, upfront pricing, and a job done right the first time.

We also provide tankless water heater services if you're looking for an energy-saving, space-saving alternative. Call to discover your options today.

Schedule a Water Heater Repair When You Encounter These Issues

Don't wait for your unit to break down completely. If you keep an eye out for these warning signs, you can call us before the problem worsens:

  • Weird noises: You may hear rumbling or knocking sounds coming from your system, indicating sediment buildup. Our technicians can provide water heater maintenance and restore optimal performance
  • Rotten egg odors: You likely need gas water heater repair services if you detect sulfurous smells near your unit. Turn off the gas valve and contact us for assistance.
  • Electrical issues: Buzzing noises, sparks, and acrid odors can signal the need for an electric water heater repair.
  • Poor performance: If your water isn't hot enough or takes too long to heat up, you may need our water heater services.
  • Pooling water: A water heater leak is not only dangerous but expensive.

When to Get a Water Heater Replacement Service in Asheboro, NC

How old is your unit? If it's over a decade old, prone to breakdowns, and fails to meet your needs, you might need a new water heater installation.

Our techs can provide an honest assessment and explain your options. We always strive to deliver efficient, cost-saving solutions, and it shows in our solid track record of positive customer reviews.

Do you need emergency plumbing services in Randolph County? We offer 24/7 live help for your peace of mind.

A Plumbing Team in Randolph County Who Cares

You're our neighbors and friends, so we always take the time to listen and explain. Our great communication and transparent prices mean you can trust us to meet your needs, whether it's a hot water tank service or a full water tank installation.

Call us at Pride Plumbing at 336-628-8008 today to schedule our water heater services in Asheboro, NC, and other parts of Randolph County! We'd be more than happy to offer our assistance.