Gas Leak Detection in Asheboro, NC

Don't let a gas line leak ruin your day. Reach out to Pride Plumbing for speedy solutions and upfront pricing in Randolph County.

Gas leaks can be dangerous and cause serious health risks when left unaddressed. The moment you suspect one on your property, act fast and call an experienced contractor from Pride Plumbing.

We provide speedy gas leak detection and repair services in Asheboro, NC, and beyond. With our experienced gas fitter team, you can expect one-time service, fast turnarounds, great communication, and a job done right the first time.

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Call for Gas Line Leak Repair When You Spot These Issues

We always strive to arm our customers with the right knowledge so they can better protect their property. Watch out for these warning signs, and call us if you notice any of them:

  • Unusual odors: While natural gas has no smell, utility companies add a chemical with the odor of rotten eggs for easier identification.
  • Higher-than-usual utility bills: A leak will cause your system to use more fuel than normal, leading to an unexpected surge in costs.
  • Dead vegetation: A gas pipe leak can kill plants and grass over a large area near the site of the breach.
  • Symptoms of illness: Inhaling gas can cause dizziness, disorientation, headaches, and other symptoms that require medical attention.
  • Odd noises: A breach in your gas line can create a hissing or whistling sound.

What to Do While You Wait for Our Gas Leak Detection Team

If you suspect a gas leak in your property, take these precautionary steps while waiting for us to arrive:

  • Turn off your main gas valve.
  • Open all windows and doors to let fresh air in.
  • Keep yourself and others away from the affected area.
  • Avoid smoking or using open flames.
  • Don't operate any electrical equipment.

Our happy and helpful pros will arrive as quickly as possible with the right tools and equipment to deliver safe and comprehensive gas leak detection services.

We also provide water leak detection services in Randolph County. Call us when you see random wet spots, stained surfaces, and extreme cases of mold or mildew.

Your Trusted Gas Line Experts

Since 1965, we have protected homes and businesses in Randolph County from unexpected gas leaks. We work hard to bring the best customer experience and hold ourselves to a higher standard of service delivery.

Trust us to repair, replace or install any system on your property safely and accurately. Call our Pride Plumbing team at 336-628-8008 today to schedule your gas leak detection in Asheboro, NC, or other parts of Randolph County