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Do you need a reliable commercial or residential plumbing contractor in Level Cross, NC, or anywhere else in Randolph County? Contact Pride Plumbing for general and emergency plumbing repair.

Level Cross Plumbing

Waking up to no instant hot water or a clogged drain is a bad start to the day. Don’t let it worsen. Instead, call Pride Plumbing, your Level Cross, NC, plumbing and drain cleaning company, to get you back on track.

Our courteous service professionals can quickly diagnose and repair the problem. With our fast turnaround times and durable solutions, we make your plumbing issues nothing more than a distant dream.

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Emergency Plumbing in Level Cross, North Carolina

Plumbing problems don’t keep regular business hours, so we offer a 24-hour plumbing service with an emergency plumber on call at any hour of the day.

One of the most common plumbing emergencies we see is burst pipes. When this happens, the water gushing out of the hole will widen the hole and can quickly flood your property. Before long, it seeps into the walls, affecting the insulation and wiring.

Whether you have a burst pipe or another emergency plumbing problem, you can rely on our experts for timely service.

Drain Cleaning in Randolph County

Signs that you need clogged drain repair usually start showing early on. If you call us as soon as you notice the following, you can prevent a severe blockage:

  • Slow-emptying drains are already partially restricted. The problem will not resolve itself and will worsen over time. Common culprits include grease, food particles, and improper grading of the system.
  • Recurrent clogs are another sign of partial obstruction. However, the primary blockage lies outside of your reach, as you can only clear part of it.
  • Multiple clogs indicate that your system is in serious trouble, as there is a major blockage somewhere, potentially a pipe collapse.
  • A bad smell emanating from a drain can be rotting food or a sewerage leak.
  • Flooding often relates to a blocked drainage system. If the water smells foul, you need a professional quickly because the problem lies with the sewerage system.

Learn more about our team, and call us if you need our assistance in Level Cross, NC.

Water Heater Services in Asheboro, NC

Whether you have an electric water heater or a gas water heater, we can assist. Our comprehensive hot water heater repair service includes affordable water heater maintenance.

However, we may recommend hot water tank replacement if your system is:

  • Old
  • Inefficient
  • Leaking
  • Cracked
  • Corroded

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